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[. . . ] A Franais Mode d?emploi FOUR Sommaire Mode d?emploi, 1 Avertissements, 3 Assistance, 6 Description de l?appareil, 8 Description de l?appareil, 10 Installation, 25 Mise en marche et utilisation, 27 Programmes, 27 Le programmateur lectronique*, 29 Prcautions et conseils, 30 Nettoyage et entretien, 31 Italiano Espaol Istruzioni per l?uso FORNO Sommario Istruzioni per l?uso, 1 Avvertenze, 3 Assistenza, 6 Descrizione dell?apparecchio, 8 Descrizione dell?apparecchio, 10 Installazione, 11 Avvio e utilizzo, 13 Programmi, 13 Il programmmatore di cottura elettronico*, 15 Precauzioni e consigli, 16 Manutenzione e cura, 17 Manual de instrucciones HORNO Sumario Manual de instrucciones, 1 Advertencias, 4 Asistencia, 6 Descripcin del aparato, 8 Descripcin del aparato, 10 Instalacin, 32 Puesta en funcionamiento y uso, 34 Programas, 34 El programador electrnico*, 36 Precauciones y consejos, 37 Mantenimiento y cuidados, 38 English Portuges Operating Instructions OVEN Contents Operating Instructions, 1 Warnings, 3 Assistance, 6 Description of the appliance, 8 Description of the appliance, 10 Installation, 18 Start-up and use, 20 Cooking modes, 20 The electronic programmer*, 22 Precautions and tips, 23 Maintenance and care, 24 Instrues para a utilizao FORNO ndice Instrues para a utilizao, 1 Advertncias, 4 Assistncia, 7 Descrio do aparelho, 8 Descrio do aparelho, 10 Instalao, 39 Incio e utilizao, 41 Programas, 41 O programador electrnico*, 43 Precaues e conselhos, 44 Manuteno e cuidados, 45 Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine Deutsch Bedienungsanleitung BACKOFEN Inhaltsverzeichnis Bedienungsanleitung, 2 Hinweise, 4 Kundendienst, 7 Beschreibung Ihres Gertes, 9 Beschreibung Ihres Gertes, 10 Installation, 46 Inbetriebsetzung und Gebrauch, 48 Programme, 48 Der elektronische Garzeitprogrammierer*, 50 Vorsichtsmaregeln und Hinweise, 51 Reinigung und Pflege, 52 Nederlands Gebruiksaanwijzing OVEN Inhoud Gebruiksaanwijzing, 2 Belangrijk, 5 Service, 7 Beschrijving van het apparaat, 9 Beschrijving van het apparaat, 10 Het installeren, 53 Starten en gebruik, 55 Programma?s, 55 Elektronische programmering*, 57 Voorzorgsmaatregelen en advies, 58 Onderhoud en verzorging, 59 Downloaded from www. Reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision. [. . . ] MULTILEVEL mode All the heating elements (top, bottom and circular) switch on and the fan begins to operate. Since the heat remains constant throughout the oven, the air cooks and browns food in a uniform manner. PIZZA OVEN mode The circular heating elements and the elements at the bottom of the oven are switched on and the fan is activated. This combination heats the oven rapidly by producing a considerable amount of heat, particularly from the element at the bottom. If you use more than one rack at a time, switch the position of the dishes halfway through the cooking process. The high and direct temperature of the grill is recommended for food which requires a high surface temperature. GRATIN mode The top heating element, as well as the fan, will come on. The top heating element is regulated by a thermostat and may not always operate constantly. For a crispy crust, do not use the dripping pan as it prevents the crust from forming by extending the total cooking time. ? If the pizza has a lot of toppings, we recommend adding the mozzarella cheese on top of the pizza halfway through the cooking process. GB Cooking advice table Cooking modes Foods Weight (in kg) Rack Position Leavening Traditional Oven Baking Mode Freasy Cook Multicooking Pizza Mode Barbecue Gratin Leavening process of dough made with yeast or baking powder (brioches, bread, sugar pie, croissants, etc. ) Duck Roast veal or beef Pork roast Biscuits (short pastry) Tarts Tarts Fruit cakes Plum cake Sponge cake Stuffed pancakes (on 2 racks) Small cakes (on 2 racks) Cheese puffs (on 2 racks) Cream puffs (on 3 racks) Biscuits (on 3 racks) Meringues (on 3 racks) Frozen food Pizza Courgette and prawn pie Country style spinach pie Turnovers Lasagne Golden Rolls Chicken morsels Pre-cooked food Golden chicken wings Fresh Food Biscuits (short pastry) Plum cake Cheese puffs Pizza (on 2 racks) Lasagne Lamb Roast chicken + potatoes Mackerel Plum cake Cream puffs (on 2 racks) Biscuits (on 2 racks) Sponge cake (on 1 rack) Sponge cake (on 2 racks) Savoury pies Pizza Roast veal or beef Chicken Soles and cuttlefish Squid and prawn kebabs Cuttlefish Cod filet Grilled vegetables Veal steak Sausages Hamburgers Mackerels Toasted sandwiches (or toast) Grilled chicken Cuttlefish Pre-heating time (minutes) Recommended temperature Cooking time (minutes) 1 1 1 1 0. Com manuals search engine GB The electronic programmer* DISPLAY Setting the end time for a cooking mode !A cooking duration must be set before the cooking end time can be scheduled. Next, press the button until the icon and the four digits on the DISPLAY begin to flash. buttons to adjust the cooking end time; if you press and hold either button, the display will scroll through the values more quickly, making it quicker and easier to set the desired value. Wait for 10 seconds or press the button again to finalise the setting. When the set time has elapsed, the text END appears on the DISPLAY, the oven will stop cooking and a buzzer sounds. The DISPLAY shows the cooking end time and the cooking duration alternately. Cancelling a programme To cancel a programme: ? press the button until the icon corresponding to the setting you wish to cancel and the digits on the display are no longer flashing. buttons; this will cancel all the settings selected previously, including timer settings. ?? SET TIME button CLOCK icon TIMER icon INCREASE TIME button Setting the clock ! [. . . ] ? The appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an external timer or separate remote-control system. ? You can help to reduce the peak load of the electricity supply network companies by using the oven in the hours between late afternoon and the early hours of the morning. ? Always keep the oven door closed when using the BARBECUE and GRATIN modes: This will achieve improved results while saving energy (approximately 10%). ? Regularly check the door seals and wipe clean to ensure they are free of debris so that they stick properly to the door and do not allow heat to disperse. [. . . ]


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