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[. . . ] Q Tumble dry articles that have NOT been well washed in water and detergent then well rinsed and spun. Q Dry articles that are contaminated with flammable substances such as: petrol, oil, paint, hair lacquer, creams, cooking fat or oil. q Tumble dry: rubber , foam rubber , plastic , plastic foam , nappy pants or liners , polythene or paper. Q Never attempt to stand on top of your dryer, it is not designed for such use and you could injure yourself or damage the dryer by such abuse. [. . . ] wARNING: DO NOT OVERLOAD AS THIS COULD RESULT IN REDUCED DRYING PERFORMANCE AND A POSSIBLE FIRE HAZARD. Typical load To help you estimate how many items it takes to make up a drying load, the charts below show the approximate weights of some everyday washing items. Clothes Blouse Dress Jeans 10 Nappies Shirt T-Shirt Cotton Other Cotton Other Cotton Other 150g 5oz 100g 31/2oz 500g 1lb 2oz 350g 12oz 700g 1lb 6oz 1000g 2lb 3oz 300g 101/2oz 200g 7oz 125g 41/2oz Household Items Duvet cover (Double) Cotton Other 1500g 3lb 5oz 1000g 2lb 3oz 700g 1lb 6oz 250g 9oz 100g 31/2oz 700g 1lb 8oz 350g 12oz 500g 1lb 2oz 350g 12oz Large Tablecloth Small Tablecloth Tea Towel Bath Towel Hand Towel Double Sheet Single Sheet If you group small cotton or terry-towelling items with a synthetic fabric load they could be damp at the end of the drying cycle. If this happens simply give them an additional short period of drying to finish them off. 8 Wash Care Labels Most of today’s fabrics can be tumble dried in your Dryer with no trouble at all, but there are certain fabric finishes which should be dried away from direct heat. The majority of garments now have wash-care labels on them, giving full washing and drying instructions. These should always be followed carefully especially when you are drying something for the first time. Typical symbols are: May be tumble dried Do not tumble dry Or: Tumble dry at high heat setting Tumble dry at low heat setting Items not suitable for tumble drying • Those containing foam rubber or rubber-like materials or plastic film (e. Pillows, cushions, PVC rainwear), or any other articles which are inflammable or contain inflammable substances (e. The movement of the tumble-drying action causes the woollen fibre to shrink and distort. Continental quilts, sleeping bags, pillows, cushions, double blankets and large bedspreads. €¢ • • • 9 Items requiring special attention Blankets and Bedspreads The drying requirements of blankets and bedspreads will, of course, vary tremendously according to size and weight. If you have difficulty getting them into the Dryer, the machine will have difficulty drying them properly. Acilan, Courtelle, Orion and Dralon) must be dried with special care on Low heat setting. Your dryer will cope with such clothes very well, but you should Permanently pleated or creased always read the manufacturer’s drying instructions attached to the garment before you begin. Garments Starched articles Starched articles should be dried together in the same load to avoid the distribution of starch to non-starched items. You should use a slightly heavier starch solution than you would when drying the items on the washing line. Make sure that as much of the solution is removed from the load as possible before placing it in the Dryer. Remove the items from the dryer as soon as they reach ironing dampness. If they are overdried the starch will powder, leaving the fabric limp - which rather defeats the purpose of the exercise!Fabric conditioner To make sure all your tumble dried clothes come out really fresh and soft we recommend you use a liquid fabric conditioner in the final rinse of your wash. Home Dry Cleaning Garments with the ITCL Code may be cleaned using one of the Home Dry Cleaning Kits available. [. . . ] Q Disposal of packaging materials: follow local regulations, so that packaging can be recycled. Q To minimise the risk of injury to children, remove the door and plug - then cut off the mains cable, flush with the appliance. Dispose of these parts separately to ensure that the appliance can no longer be plugged into a mains socket. Recycling and Disposal Information Disposal of old electrical appliances The European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), requires that old household electrical appliances must not be disposed of in the normal unsorted municipal waste stream. [. . . ]


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