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[. . . ] For optimum performance, the moist air is then blown out through a vent tube at the back of the dryer. When the dryer is in use, there has to be adequate ventilation to avoid the back flow of gases into the room from appliances burning other fuels, including open fires. Mobile venting A vent tube must always be fitted when the dryer is used in conjunction with Mobile Venting. The tube must be fitted securely into the back of the dryer (see Dryer Description). [. . . ] The power cord supplied is fitted with a BS1363 plug and a 13 amp BS1362 fuse. If you need to replace the fuse, use only those rated at 13 amp (13A) and ASTA approved to BS1362. If the plug being replaced is a non-rewirable type, then the cut-off plug must be disposed of safely. DO NOT leave it where it can be inserted into a socket and create a shock hazard. The power supply cord should be checked periodically and replaced by a cord specially prepared for this dryer and fitted only by authorised technicians (see Service). New or longer power cords are supplied at an extra charge by authorised dealers. The manufacturer denies any responsibility should any of these rules not be followed. Warnings and Suggestions Maintenance and Care Troubleshooting Before you start using your dryer Once you have installed your dryer and before you use it, clean the inside of the drum to remove any dust that could have accumulated during transport. IN: HIGH heat OUT: LOW heat The TIMER knob sets the drying time: rotate it clockwise, never counter-clockwise, until the indicator is pointing to the drying time you want (see Start and Programmes). The Drying Guide allows you to consult a user friendly table of fabric types and load capacities. cotton Synthetics or Acrylics and other delicates 4 Start and Programmes Choosing a programme 1. Times are approximate and can vary depending upon: q GB Amount of water retained in clothes after spin cycle: towels and delicates retain a lot of water. Fabrics: items that are the same type of fabric but different textures and thicknesses may not have the same drying time. Quantity of laundry: single items or small loads may take longer to dry. Dryness: If you are going to iron some of your clothes, they can be taken out while still a bit damp. Room temperature: if the room where the dryer is located is cold, it will take longer for the dryer to dry your clothes. We suggest that you remove these items several times, shake them out, and return them to the dryer until finished. Installation q Description q q Start and Programmes q Drying times q The table below presents APPROXIMATE drying times in minutes. Weights refer to dry garments: Cottons High (full) Heat Drying times 800-1000rpm in washing machine Half Load Full Load q Laundry 1kg 20-30 2kg 35-45 3kg 45-60 4kg 60-70 5kg 70-80 6kg 80-100 !All fabrics contain a little natural moisture, which keeps them soft and fluffy. Warnings and Suggestions Synthetics High (full) Heat Drying times on reduced spin in washing machine Half Load Full Load Maintenance and Care 1kg 20-30 2kg 35-45 3kg 45-60 Acrylics / Low (gentle) Heat Drying times on reduced spin in washing machine Half Load Full Load Troubleshooting 1kg 25-40 2kg 40-60 Service 7 Warnings and Suggestions GB !The appliance has been designed and built according to international safety standards. [. . . ] Before you call your Service Centre (see Service), go through the following troubleshooting suggestions: Problem: The dryer won’t start. Possible causes / Solution: q q q q q q q The plug is not plugged into the socket, or not making contact. q q q q q q q q The filter has not been cleaned (see Maintenance). The temperature setting is not ideal for the type of fabric you are drying (see Start and Programmes). [. . . ]


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