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[. . . ] 13 Installation GB Where to put your dryer Place your dryer at a distance from gas ranges, stoves, heaters, or cook tops because flames can damage the appliance. Q Minimum gap 10mm If you are going to install the appliance under a work counter, be sure to leave a 10mm space between the Minimum gaps top and any other objects 15mm on or above the machine and a 15mm space between the sides and lateral furnishings or walls. Q Water drain If your dryer is installed next to a drain the water can be plumbed into this drain. If the dryer is stacked onto or installed next to a washing machine it can share the same drain. [. . . ] Warning, if after pressing the start button, the programmes knob position is changed, the new position will NOT change the programme selected. Q OPTION buttons / lights These buttons are used to customise the selected programme to your requirements. A programme must have been selected on the programme knob before an option can be selected. Not all options are available for all programmes (see Start and Programmes). If an option is not available and you press the button, the buzzer will beep four times. If the option is available there will be one beep and the option light above the button lights to confirm the selection. After the start button has been pressed only the Alarm option can be changed. Progress ( Drying, CoolTumble, Post Creasecare) / Delay (3hr 6hr 9hr 12hr) Lights When the light above the delay button is on, these lights flash to indicate the delay time is selected. During other programmes they indicate the progress of the dryer, each one comes on as the corresponding phase starts. Time Delay The start of some programmes (see Start and Programmes) can be delayed for up to 12 hours in 3hr steps. When a delayed start is in progress the light above the delay button will be on and the selected delay period light will flash (after the start button has been pressed). Do not over-dry: the starch will become powdery and leave your clothing limp, which defeats the purpose of starch. Times are approximate and can vary depending upon: q Amount of water retained in clothes after spin cycle: towels and delicates retain a lot of water. Fabrics: items that are the same type of fabric but different textures and thicknesses may not have the same drying time. Quantity of laundry: single items or small loads may take longer to dry. Dryness: If you are going to iron some of your clothes, they can be taken out while still a bit damp. Room temperature: if the room where the dryer is located is cold, it will take longer for the dryer to dry your clothes. We suggest that you remove these items several times, shake them out, and return them to the dryer until finished. Q q q q Drying times q The table below presents APPROXIMATE drying times in minutes. Weights refer to dry garments: Cottons High (full) Heat Drying times 800-1000rpm in washing machine Half Load Full Load q 1kg 30-50 2kg 50-70 3kg 70-80 4kg 5kg 6kg 80-100 100-120 120-140 !All fabrics contain a little natural moisture, which keeps them soft and fluffy. Synthetics Low (gentle) Heat Drying times on reduced spin in washing machine Half Load Full Load 1kg 30-40 2kg 40-50 3kg 50-70 Acrylics / Low (gentle) Heat Drying times on reduced spin in washing machine Half Load Full Load 1kg 40-80 2kg 80-140 20 Warnings and Suggestions ! [. . . ] Cleaning the dryer External parts in metal or plastic and rubber parts can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Q Periodically (every 6 months) vacuum the front air intake grille and vents at the rear of the dryer, to remove any build up of fluff, lint or dust. Also to remove accumulation of fluff from the front of the condenser and filter areas, clean occasionally with a vacuum cleaner. Your dryer uses special bearing components which do not need lubrication. [. . . ]


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