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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Operating Instructions 50cm Free Standing Electric Cooker Contents G B English, 1 GB WARNING, 2 Introduction, 3 Safety Information, 4 Installation, 5 Features , 6 Control Panel , 7 Use of hotplates , 8 Hotplates General Information Notes , 9 IT50C S IT50C1 S Choosing Your Utensils , 10 Grilling , 11 Grill Chart, 12 Conventional Oven, 13 Conventional Oven cooking charts Meat, 14 Conventional Oven cooking charts |Baking, 15 Using the Main Oven for Other Functions , 16 Care and Cleaning , 17 Cooking Results Not Satisfactory?, 18 Something Wrong With Your Cooker?/ Disposal of the appliance , 20 Guarantee information/ Key Contacts, 21/22 You must read these instructions prior to using your appliance and retain them for future use. WARNING WARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use. Children less than 8 years of age shall be kept away unless continuously supervised. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. [. . . ] Plates and dishes placed on the floor of the grill compartment will be heated when the oven is in use. Grill Compartment as a ‘Hotcupboard’ Do not operate the grill control when using the compartment as a hotcupboard. Do take care when removing plates, dishes and utensils from the grill compartment when the oven is in use as they may become quite hot. You may need to use oven gloves when removing warmed items. GB  Open the grill door.  Pre-heat the grill on setting 6 for approximately 5 minutes (see chart on guide to grilling).  Food which only requires browning should be placed directly on/in the grill pan in the grill pan runner, or on the floor of the grill compartment. (the grill pan grid may be removed. )  Leave the control on setting 6 for toast, sealing and fast cooking of foods. For thicker foods requiring longer cooking turn the control to a lower setting after the initial sealing, on both sides, on setting 6. The thicker the food the lower the control should be set. Warning: Take care as the grill will be hot – always wear oven gloves. Excess fat build up in the bottom of the pan could cause a fire hazard. Fixing the Grill Pan Handle The grill pan handle is detachable from the pan to facilitate cleaning and storage. Fit the handle to the grill pan so that the external 1 2 11 Grill Chart Pre - heat the grill for 5 minutes on maximum control setting before grilling GRILL CHART GB The settings in the above guide have been developed to cook food successfully without excessive fat spitting and splashing. Food Toasting of Bread products Small cuts of meat, sausages, bacon, etc. Gammon steaks Chicken pieces Fish: fingers Whole Fillets Grill Setting Approximate Cooking time 6 3 - 10 mins. 5-6 15 - 20 mins. 5 20 - 25 mins. Whole fish and fillets placed in the base of the grill pan. 5 Fish in breadcrumbs 5 15 - 20 mins. Pre - Cooked potato products 5 15 - 20 mins. Pizzas 5 12 - 15 mins. Dish placed directly on base of the grill pan and pan placed on the base of the grill compartment. Browning of food 6 12 Main Oven Oven Control (f) Potatoes for roasting only require to be brushed with cooking oil or melted fat. (g)It is not necessary to baste when roasting in an electric oven and stock or liquid should not be added to the meat pan since this only causes unnecessary soiling, steam and condensation. Heating of the oven is achieved by turning control clockwise to the required temperature scale on the control panel, as recommended in the temperature charts. The indicator light will immediately come on and will then automatically go off and on during cooking as the oven thermostat maintains the correct temperature. The cooking charts provided in this book are a guide only, giving approximate cooking temperatures and times. To suit personal taste and requirements, it may be necessary to increase or decrease temperatures by 10°C. The oven is heated by two tubular sheathed elements located under the floor of the oven and on the oven roof, inside the cavity. It should be noted that at the end of a cooking period there may be a momentary puff of steam when the oven door is opened. This will disperse in a few seconds and is a perfectly normal characteristic of an oven with a good door seal. Oven Positions GB For optimum cooking performance, there must be clearance between meat pan and oven sides. [. . . ] Old appliances must be collected separately in order to optimise the recovery and recycling of the materials they contain and reduce the impact on human health and the environment. The crossed out "wheeled bin" symbol on the product reminds you of your obligation, that when you dispose of the appliance it must be separately collected. Consumers should contact their local authority or retailer for information concerning the correct disposal of their old appliance. Spare Parts Please remember your new appliance is a complex piece of equipment. 'DIY' repairs or unqualified and untrained service people may put you in danger, could damage the appliance and might mean you lose cover under the Parts Guarantee. [. . . ]


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