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[. . . ] If you have any doubts, do not use the appliance, contact your nearest Ariston Service Centre. Never leave the packing components (plastic bags, foamed polystyrene, nails, etc. ) within the reach of children since they are a source of potential danger. 4 The appliance must be installed only by a qualified person in compliance with the instructions provided. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for improper installation which may harm persons and animals and damage property. [. . . ] On some models the gas supply can be connected on the left or on the right, as necessary; to change the connection, reverse the position of the hose holder with that of the cap and replace the gasket (supplied with the appliance). In the case of connection to liquid gas, by tank, use pressure regulators that conform to the regulation in force. Be sure that the hose does not pass through the rear of the cooker touching hot parts. Installation of the cooker The cooker is prepared with protection degree against excessive heating of type X, the appliance can therefore be installed next to cabinets, provided the height does not exceed that of the hob. If the cooker is placed touching walls or sides of neighbouring cabinets, these must be capable of withstanding a temperature rise of 50°C above room temperature. For a correct installation 4 Min. 420 mm. 420 mm. HOT PARTS Important: make sure the supply pressure conforms with the values shown in the table entitled“Caracteristics of the burners and nozzles”. When the cooker is installed between cabinets (recessed), the gas connection must be effected by an approved flexible hose with bayonet fitting (BS 669 Current Edition). Connecting the gas supply To make the connection, a flexible hose should be used corresponding to the current gas regulations which are: • the hose must never be at any point in its lenght in contact with the “hot” parts of the cooker; • the hose must never be longer than 1, 5 metre; • the hose must not be subject to any tension or torsional stress and it must not have any excessively narrow curves or bottlenecks; • the hose must be easy to inspect along its entire length to check its condition; • the hose must always be in good condition, never attempt to repair. Important: the installation must comply with gas safety (installation and use) regulations 1984. In all cases for the above, by low, a qualified, corgi approved engineer must be called for installation. Electrial connection Power supply voltage and frequency: 230-240V a. c. Note: the supply cable must be positioned so that it never reaches at any point a temperature 50°C higher than the room temperature. E); • unscrew the grill burner nozzle using the special socket spanner for the nozzles (see Fig. F) or better still a 7 mm socket spanner; replace the nozzle with a nozzle for the new type of gas (see table 1). Fig. F 6 Important: when mounting the grill burner check that there is a space of at least 4 mm between the security thermocouple (if installed) and the burner. Important On completion of the operation, replace the old rating sticker with one indicating the new type of gas used. Note Should the pressure of the gas used be different (or vary) from the recommended pressure, it is necessary to fit a suitable pressure regulator onto the inlet pipe in compliance with current National Regulations relative to “regulators for channelled gas”. Raised border assembly (only on a few models) To assemble the raised border correctly, please follow the instructions below: · Unscrew the 4 screws and the 2 spacers on the rear part of the worktop; · Place the raised border on the rear part of the worktop; · Screw the raised border onto the worktop using the four screws you previously removed, ensuring that you reposition the spacers on the outermost screws. 4 mm 7 Burner and nozzle characteristics Table 1 Burner Diameter (mm) Thermal Power kW (p. c. s. *) Nominal Fast (Large)(R) Semi Fast (Medium)(S) Auxiliary (Small)(A) Triple Crown (TC) Oven Grill Supply Pressures 100 75 55 130 3. 00 1. 90 1. 00 3. 25 3. 02 2. 50 Nominal (mbar) Minimum (mbar) Maximum (mbar) Reduced 0. 7 0. 4 0. 4 1. 5 1. 0 By-Pass 1/100 (mm) 41 30 30 63 49 Liquid Gas Nozzle 1/100 (mm) 86 70 50 91 85 80 *** 218 138 73 236 219 182 28-30 20 35 Flow* g/h ** 214 136 71 232 216 179 37 25 45 Natural Gas Nozzle 1/100 (mm) 116 106 79 133 132 122 20 17 25 286 181 95 309 288 227 Flow* l/h * ** *** At 15°C and 1013 mbar- dry gas Propane P. C. S. = 37, 78 MJ/m3 S S S R R A TC A K 642 G/G K 642 GS/G K 642R GS/G K 643 G/G K 6432 G/G K 645 G/G K 645R G/G K 647 GS/G K 647R G/G 8 Technical characteristics Mains frequency and voltage of the electric section and characteristics of the gas section Model Class K 642 G/G K 642 GS/G K 642R GS/G K 643 G/G K 6432 G/G K 645 G/G K 645R G/G K 647 GS/G K 647R G/G Gas section Rated power kW (1) Electric section Voltage II2H3+ 10, 82 (787 g/h - G30) (773 g/h - G31) 230V~ 50/60Hz II2H3+ 12, 17 (885 g/h - G30) (869 g/h - G31) 230V~ 50/60Hz (1) The values in g/h refer to the capacities with liquid gas (Butane, Propane). Inner dimensions of the oven: Width: 40. 7 cm Depth: 41 cm Height: 31 cm Inner Volume of the Oven: 50 lt Innder dimensions of the plate plate warmer: Width: 43 cm Depth: 43 cm Height: 8 cm Voltage and Frequency of Power Supply: see data plate Burners: adaptable for use with all the types of gas indicated on the data plate This appliance conforms with the following European Economic Community directives: 73/23/EEC of 19/02/73 (Low Voltage) and subsequent modifications; 89/336/EEC of 03/05/89 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and subsequent modifications; 90/396/EEC of 29/06/90 (Gas) and subsequent modifications; 93/68/EEC of 22/07/93 and subsequent modifications. 9 The cooker with gas oven H A C B E D K M O P L N G M O Q L N F M O P L N A Tray for Catching Overflows B Gas Burner C Instantaneous Electronic Lighting Device (only a few models) D Top Grate E Control Panel F Adjustable Feet or Legs G Dripping Pan or Baking Sheet H Flame Failure Device for Cooktop Burners (only a few models) K Oven Rack L Electronic Lighting for Hob Burners (only a few models) M Oven Control Knob N Control Knobs for Gas Burners on Hob O Button for Oven and Rotisserie Light (only a few models) P Timer Knob (only a few models) Q Electronic timer (only a few models) 10 The different functions and uses of the oven The various functions included in the cooker are selected by operating the control devices located on the cooker control panel. Control Knobs for the Gas Burners on the Hob The position of the gas burner controlled by each one of the knobs is shown by a symbol of a solid ring: . To light one of the burners, hold a lighted match or lighter near the burner. Press down and turn the corresponding knob in the counter-clockwise direction to the maximum setting. Each burner can be operated at its maximum, minimum or intermediate power. Shown on the knob are the different symbols for off (the knob is on this setting when the symbol lines up with the reference mark on the control panel), for maximum and minimum . [. . . ] · Always use cookware with flat bottoms. Burner Fast (R) Semi Fast (S) Auxiliary (A) Triple Crown (TC) ø Cookware Diameter (cm) 24 - 26 16 - 20 10 - 14 24 - 26 N. B. On the models supplied with a reducer shelf, remember that this should be used only for the auxiliary burner when you use casserole dishes with a diameter under 12 cm. Electronic timer The electronic timer displays the time and the timer function with countdown. Note: all the functions are operative approximately 7 seconds after they are stet. How to reset the clock After the appliance has been connected to the power supply, or when the power has gone out, the clock display will automatically reset to 0:00 and begin to blink. [. . . ]


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