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[. . . ] Any other use (such as heating a room for example) is considered to be improper and consequently dangerous. €¢ The manufacturer denies all responsibility for damage resulting from improper or incorrect use of the appliance. €¢ Certain fundamental rules must be followed when using electrical appliances. The following are of particular importance: • do not touch the appliance with wet or damp hands, • never use the appliance when barefoot, • never use extensions, • never pull on the power supply cable or the appliance itself to unplug it from the mains socket, • never leave the appliance exposed to atmospheric agents (rain, sun, etc. [. . . ] In this case, unplug the appliance immediately and contact an authorised after-sales service centre to have it repaired. €¢ Remember that the heating area stays hot for at least half an hour after being turned off; please refrain from placing any cookware or other items on the cooking zone while still hot. €¢ Do not turn on the heating zones if aluminium foil or plastic items have been placed on the hob surface. €¢ Do not go near the heating zones when these are still hot. €¢ If you use small electric appliances near the hob, make sure their power supply cable does not come into contact with the hot parts of the hob. €¢ Make sure all pan handles are always pointing inwards towards the centre of the hob to prevent any accidental spills. First use: the glue used on the hob seals may leave greasy traces on the glass surface. We recommend you wipe these off before using the appliance, with the aid of a non abrasive cleaner. During the first few hours of use, you may detect a smell of rubber, which will disappear quickly. Installation and fastening The following instructions are intended for a qualified fitter to guide him/her along the installation, adjustment and technical maintenance procedures as correctly as possible and in full compliance with the applicable norms in force. Fastening Very important: It is vital that you ensure the glass ceramic hob is built into a perfectly flat supporting surface. This combination provides ideal heat distribution across the entire surface of the cooking area without compromising the advantages of the halogen lamps. The main characteristic of halogen lamps is that they produce an instantaneous emission of a large quantity of light and heat, which means: • a rapid source of heat similar to that provided by gas burners; • an equally rapid elimination of the heat source. Halogen lamps are extremely easy to use and their operation is similar to that of other heating elements. Table 1 Pos 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Cooking zone setting off to melt butter or chocolate to heat liquids for creams and sauces stews - blanquette - desserts pasta - rice steak - fish - omelette fried food The control knobs Each cooking area is equipped with a control knob to regulate the temperature at any time from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 12. The table 1 provides information on the settings indicated on the knobs and the corresponding, recommended uses. The “ ON” indicator light (B) This light comes on when one of the heating elements has been turned on. Residual heat indicator light (D) This light indicates that the temperature of one or more cooking areas is above 60°C, even thought the elements have been turned off. Some models come equipped with four such indicator lights, one for each of the four cooking areas. Maintenance and care Advice on using your appliance To get the best from your hob, it is vital that you follow a few fundamental rules during cooking and when preparing food. €¢ Use pans with a flat bottom so they adhere fully to the heating zone. Hob care The vitroceramic glass used for the heating surface is smooth and poreless and it is also resistant to thermal shocks and to mechanical shocks under normal conditions of use. [. . . ] €¢ Make sure the pan base is always clean and dry, to guarantee good contact and long life for the cooking zones and pans alike. The concentration of heat on gas burners can warp the bottom of the pan, consequently you would never obtain the desired result when using the pan on the glass ceramic hob. €¢ Never leave a cooking zone on without a pan on it as the maximum heat level would be reached very quickly, which could damage the heating elements. • The glass ceramic hob is resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks. [. . . ]


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