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[. . . ] (d) WARNING: Ensure that the appliance is switched off before replacing the lamp to avoid the possibility of electric shock. (h) Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the oven door glass since they can scratch the surface, which may result in shattering of the glass. (i) This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience andknowledge if they have been givensupervision or instruction concerning useof the appliance in a safe way andunderstand the hazards involved. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are older than 8 and supervised. [. . . ] The buzzer will ring once after each stage and the next stage will begin. Esempio: If you want to defrost 200 gr of food, then to cook with 720W microwave power for 7 minutes. The steps are as following: 1) Press “ ” once, and the microwave and defrosting icons will light. 2) Turn “ ” to select the food weight till “200” displays. Lock-out Function for Children Lock: In waiting state, press “ STOP ” for 3 seconds, there will be a long “beep” denoting entering into the children-lock state and “ ” indicator will light. Lock quitting: In locked state, press “ STOP ” for 3 seconds, there will be a long “beep” denoting that the lock is released, and “ ” indicator will disappear. 3) Press “ ” the LED will display “900” and the microwave icon will light. € or turn “ ” until “720” 5) Press “ START ” to confirm. 6) Turn “ ” to adjust the cooking time till the oven displays “7:00”. 7) Press “START ” to start cooking, and buzzer will sound once for the first section, defrosting time counts down; buzzer will sound once again entering the second cooking. Inquiring Function 1) In states of microwave, grill and combination cooking, press “ ”, the current power will be displayed for 3 seconds. 2) In cooking state, press “ ” to inquire the time and the time will display for 3 seconds. 10 Important safety instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING To reduce the sk of re, electr c shock, njury to persons or exposure to exces ve crowave oven energy when u ng your appl ance, follow bas c precau on ncl ng the foll ng: 1. Warn ng: qu ds and other foods must not be heated n sealed con ners nce they are able to explode. Warn ng: It s hazardous for anyone other than a competent person to ce or r carry out any on that nvolves the removal of a cover wh ch ves on nst exposure to crowave energy. Warn ng: Only allow ch dren to use the oven thout s on when adequate nstruct ons have been ven so that the ch d s able to use the oven n a safe way and understand the hazards of mproper use. Warn ng: When the appl ance s nat n mode, operated n the ch dren should only use the oven on due to th e under adult su temperatures generated. The oven should be cleaned regularly and any food d ts should be removed. Read and follow the ”PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID POSSIBLE EXP OSURE TO EXCESSIVE MICROWAVE ENERGY”. When ng fo n pl c or paper con ners, keep an eye on the oven ty of gn t on. If smoke s observed, unplug the appl ance and keep the door closed n order to e a ny ames. Remove re st -t es and metal handles from paper or pl c con ners/bags before pl ng th em n the oven. [. . . ] Cleaning Tip---For easier cleaning of the cavity walls that the food cooked can touch: Place half a lemon in a bowl, add 300ml (1/2 pint) water and heat on 100% microwave power for 10 minutes. EN 17 Troubleshooting EN Problem Microwave oven interfering TV reception Possible causes/Remedy • Radio and TV reception may be interfered when microwave oven operating. It is similar to the interference of small electrical appliances, like mixer, vacuum cleaner, and electric fan. €¢ In low power microwave cooking, oven light may become dim. [. . . ]


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