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[. . . ] Leave a space of at least 10 cm between the top part of the appliance and any furniture above it, and at least 5 cm between the sides and any furniture/side walls. Ensure the appliance is away from any sources of heat (direct sunlight, electric stove, etc. In order to maintain the correct distance between the appliance and the wall behind it, fit the spacers supplied in the installation kit, following the instructions provided. If the floor is not perfectly horizontal, adjust the refrigerator by tightening or loosening the front feet. [. . . ] Before connecting the appliance, clean the compartments and accessories well with lukewarm water and bicarbonate. Insert the plug into the socket and ensure that the internal light illuminates. 1 2 TEMPERATURE Indicator light: to identify the coldest area in the refrigerator. Maintenance and care Switching the appliance off During cleaning and maintenance it is necessary to disconnect the appliance from the electricity supply. It is not sufficient to set the temperature adjustment knobs on (appliance off) to eliminate all electrical contact. If the word “OK” does not appear it means that the temperature is too high: adjust the REFRIGERATOR OPERATION knob to a higher (colder) position and wait approximately 10 hours until the temperature has stabilised. Check the indicator light again: if necessary, readjust it following the initial process. If large quantities of food have been added or if the refrigerator door has been opened frequently, it is normal for the indicator not to show OK. Wait at least 10 hours before adjusting the REFRIGERATOR OPERATION knob to a higher setting. Cleaning the appliance Using the freezer to its full potential • Do not re-freeze food that is defrosting or that has already been defrosted. € Fresh food that needs to be frozen must not come into contact with food that has already been defrosted. Respecting and conserving the environment This appliance complies with the following Community Directives: - 73/23/EEC of 19/02/73 (Low Voltage) and subsequent amendments; -89/336/EEC of 03. General safety • The appliance was designed for domestic use inside the home and is not intended for commercial or industrial use. € The appliance must be used to store and freeze food products by adults only and according to the instructions in this manual. € The appliance must not be installed outdoors, even in covered areas. It is extremely dangerous to leave the appliance exposed to rain and storms. € Do not touch the appliance with bare feet or with wet or moist hands and feet. € Do not touch the internal cooling elements: this could cause skin abrasions or frost/freezer burns. € When unplugging the appliance always pull the plug from the mains socket, do not pull on the cable. € Before cleaning and maintenance, always switch off the appliance and disconnect it from the electrical supply. It is not sufficient to set the temperature adjustment knobs on (appliance off) to eliminate all electrical contact. € In the case of a malfunction, under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the appliance yourself. [. . . ] Pour maintenir une distance optimale entre le produit et la paroi arrière, montez les cales d’espacement comprises dans le kit d’installation et suivez les instructions de la notice spécialement prévue. Verifique novamente o indicador: e, se for necessário, realize uma nova regulação. Kompressoren og kondensatoren udsender varme og skal have en god ventilation for at kunne fungere optimalt og klare det elektriske forbrug. For at sikre at madvarerne ikke placeres for tæt op ad den bageste væg, kan man montere de medfølgende afstandsstykker. [. . . ]


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