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[. . . ] - model - model - malli - modell - modell - modell - modello - modle - modelo - modelo ?????? - serial number - serienummer - serjanumero - serienummer - serienummer - modellnummer - numero di serie - numro de srie - nmero de serie - nmero de srie ???????????????? 4 Para otros pases de habla hispana consulte a su vendedor. - model - model - malli - modell - modell - modell - modello - modle - modelo - modelo ?????? - serial number - serienummer - serjanumero - serienummer - serienummer - modellnummer - numero di serie - numro de srie - nmero de serie - nmero de srie ???????????????? 5 ???? [. . . ] Do not place glass bottles which contain liquids, and which are corked or hermetically sealed in the freezer because they could break. The maximum quantity of food that may be frozen daily is indicated on the plate containing the technical properties located within the freezer (for example: Kg/24h: 4). To freeze (if the freezer is already operating): - for small quantities which are less than those indicated on the data plate, press the rapid freezing SUPER FREEZE button illuminates), insert the food (corresponding indicator light and close the door. The function is disabled automatically after 24 hours or when optimal temperatures have been reached (indicator light goes out); - for large quantities which are greater than the maximum load indicated on the data plate, hold down the rapid freezing SUPER FREEZE button until the corresponding indicator light begins to flash. After 24 hours the indicator light stops flashing and remains on constantly. After another 24 hours, the function will be disabled automatically (indicator light goes out). If the socket is incompatible with the plug, ask an authorised technician to replace it (see Assistance). Once the appliance has been installed, the power supply cable and the electrical socket must be easily accessible. The cable must be checked regularly and replaced by authorised technicians only (see Assistance). The manufacturer declines any liability should these safety measures not be observed. This will help maintain the temperature inside the freezer, ensuring that foods are conserved for at least 9 -14 hours. Ice3 ice tray The fact that they are situated on the top part of the freezer drawers ensures greater cleanliness: the ice no longer comes into contact with the food placed inside the freezer compartment; furthermore, the dripping of the water during filling is avoided (a lid to cover up the hole after filling with water is also provided). Check that the tray is ompletely empty and fill it with water through the opening provided. The appliance was designed for domestic use inside the home and is not intended for commercial or industrial use. The appliance must be used to store and freeze food products by adults only and according to the instructions in this manual. It is extremely dangerous to leave the appliance exposed to rain and storms. Do not touch the appliance with bare feet or with wet or moist hands and feet. Do not touch the internal cooling elements: this could cause skin abrasions or frost/freezer burns. When unplugging the appliance always pull the plug from the mains socket, do not pull on the cable. Before cleaning and maintenance, always switch off the appliance and disconnect it from the electrical supply. It is not sufficient to set the temperature adjustment knobs on (appliance off) to eliminate all electrical contact. In the case of a malfunction, under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the appliance yourself. [. . . ] For at sikre at madvarerne ikke placeres for tt op ad den bageste vg, kan man montere de medflgende afstandsstykker. Bagsiden af apparatet samler let stv, som kan fjernes forsigtigt med en stvsuger indstillet til lav sugeevne, efter at have slukket for apparatet og taget stikket ud af stikkontakten. For at genoprette normal funktion: Drej knappen TEMPERATURREGULERING p (slukket), og tnd for apparatet igen. Sett stpselet inn i stikkontakten og forsikre deg om at den grnne varsellampen for STRMTILFRSEL tennes (knotten for TEMPERATURJUSTERING m st p ). [. . . ]


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