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[. . . ] If the floor is not perfectly level, compensate for any unevenness by tightening or loosening the adjustable front feet (see figure); the angle of inclination, measured according to the worktop, must not exceed 2°.  The water pressure at the tap must be within the values indicated in the Technical details table (on the next page).  If the water inlet hose is not long enough, contact a specialist store or an authorised serviceman.  Ensure that the supply taps are allowing water through. Old taps may seize in the closed position and thus prevent water reaching the machine. 2 Connecting the drain hose 65 - 100 cm Connect the drain hose, without bending it, to a draining duct or a wall drain situated between 65 and 100 cm from the floor; • the supply voltage is included within the values i ndicated on the Technical details table (see page 5); • the socket is compatible with the washing machine's plug. Your appliance is now supplied with a 13 amp fused plug it can be plugged into a 13 amp socket for immediate use. Before using the appliance please read the instructions below. GB Installation Description Where it connects to the waste water pipe cut end off spigot or remove the blanking cap The drain hose may be connected to an under-sink trap. [. . . ]  When the washing machine is installed, the mains socket must be within easy reach.  The power supply cable must never be bent or dangerously compressed.  The power supply cable must only be replaced by an authorised serviceman. 4 Technical details Model WI 121 59. 5 cm wide 85 cm high 52. 5 cm deep from 1 to 5 kg GB Installation Dimensions Capacity Electric connections Water connections Spin speed Control programmes according to IEC456 directive Description voltage 230/240 Volts 50 Hz maximum absorbed power 2050 W maximum pressure 1 MPa (10 bar) minimum pressure 0. 05 MPa (0. 5 bar) drum capacity 46 litres up to 1200 rpm Programmes programme 3; temperature 60°C; run with a load of 5 kg. This appliance is compliant with the following European Community Directives: - 73/23/CEE of 19/02/73 (Low Voltage) and subsequent amendments - 89/336/CEE of 03/05/89 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and subsequent amendments - 2002/96/CE 5 Detergents Precautions Care Troubleshooting Service Washing machine description GB Control panel FUNCTION Buttons ON-OFF Button ON-OFF Led Detergent dispenser PROGRAMME Knob TEMPERATURE Knob Detergent dispenser: to add detergent and fabric softener (see page 10). TEMPERATURE knob: to set the temperature or the cold wash cycle (see page 9). Turning the machine off does not cancel the selected programme. ON/OFF led, to find out whether the washing machine is on and if the programme set has been accepted (see page 7). Note: After the wash cycle has been set and accepted by the washing machine, any changes to the position of the knob will be of no use (except in the Stop/Reset position). Turn this knob clockwise only. 6 Leds The LEDS provide important information. This is what they can tell you: ON-OFF Led Led flashes when the appliance is switched on and awaiting a programme to be set. A steady light means the appliance has accepted the selected programme. GB Installation 7 Description Programmes Detergents Precautions Care Troubleshooting Service Starting and Programmes Briefly: starting a programme GB 1. The Turn the appliance on by pressing button ON/OFF led begins to flash, after 5 seconds, the setting is accepted, the led stops flashing (staying on) and the wash cycle begins. • Never force the washing machine door: this could damage the safety lock mechanism designed to prevent any accidental openings. • In the event of a malfunction, do not under any circumstances touch internal parts in order to attempt repairs. • Always keep children well away from the appliance while in operation. • Should it have to be moved, proceed with the help of two or three people and handle it with the utmost care. • Before loading your laundry into the washing machine, make sure the drum is empty. Saving energy and respecting the environment Environmentally-friendly technology If you only see a little water through your appliance door, this is because thanks to the latest Ariston technology, your washing machine only needs less than half the amount of water to get the best results: an objective reached to respect the environment. Saving on detergent, water, energy and time • To avoid wasting resources, the washing machine should be used with a full load. A full load instead of two half loads allows you to save up to 50% on energy. Avoiding it will save on detergent, time, water and between 5 and 15% energy. • Treating stains with a stain remover or leaving them to soak before washing will cut down the need to wash them at high temperatures. A programme at 60°C instead of 90°C or one at 40°C instead of 60°C will save up to 50% on energy. • Use the correct quantity of detergent depending on the water hardness, how soiled the garments are and the amount of laundry you have, to avoid wastage and to protect the environment: despite being biodegradable, detergents do contain ingredients that alter the natural balance of the environment. [. . . ] The water pressure is insufficient. Description The washing machine does not fill with water. Programmes The machine continuously fills and empties with water. The washing machine does not drain or spin. • The drain hose is too low or too far in to the stand pipe (see page 3) for correct installation. • Some programs have a slower final spin to taked best care of the fabrics. • The programme does not foresee the draining: some programmes require enabling the draining manually (see page 8). [. . . ]


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