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[. . . ] Remove the 3 protective screws and the rubber bush with the respective spacer, situated on the rear of the appliance (see also the installation leaflet). NB:The plastic spacers may fall down inside the machine once the bolt has been removed, and will not interfere with the operation of the machine. Keep all the parts: you will need them again if the washing machine needs to be moved to another location. 1. Connect the supply pipe to the water mains, fitting the rubber gasket and the filter supplied with the appliance and ensuring that they are fimly tightened to the taps. [. . . ] ON-OFF/DOOR LOCK Led: to find out whether the washing machine is on and if the appliance door can be opened (see page 7). The knob stays still during the cycle. 6 Leds The LEDS provide important information. This is what they can tell you: Delay set: If the Delay Timer function has been enabled (see page. 9), once you have started the programme, the LED corresponding to the delay set will begin to flash: Cycle progress: During the wash cycle, the LEDs gradually illuminate on to indicate the cycle progress: Prewash Wash Rinse Spin cycle Note: during draining, the LED corresponding to the Spin cycle phase will be turned on. If the function selected is incompatible with the programme set, the button will flash and the function will not be enabled. If you set a function that is incompatible with another function you selected previously, only the last one selected will be enabled. GB Installation Description Programmes As time passes, the remaining delay will be displayed, and the corresponding LED will flash: Detergents Once the set delay is complete, the flashing LED will turn off and the programme set will start. Precautions Care Troubleshooting ON-OFF/DOOR LOCK led: If this LED is on, the appliance door is locked to prevent it from being opened accidentally; to avoid any damages, wait for the LED to flash before you open the appliance door. Service  The rapid flashing of the ON-OFF/DOOR LOCK Led together with the flashing of at least one other LED indicates there is an abnormality. Call for Technical Assistance. 7 Starting and Programmes Briefly: starting a programme GB 1. All the LEDS will light up for a few seconds and the ON-OFF/DOOR LOCK Led will begin to flash. Load your laundry into the washing machine and shut the appliance door. Start the programme by pressing the START/RESET button for one second. Once the programme has been accepted all of the option and status LED's will illuminate momentarily, the Door Lock LED will be lit and the relevant wash cycle progress LED will also be lit. Quilted coats and windbreakers: if they are padded with goose or duck down, they can be machine-washed. Turn the garments inside out and load a maximum of 2-3 kg, repeating the rinse cycle once or twice and using the delicate spin cycle. Wool: for best results, use a specific detergent, taking care not to exceed a load of 1 kg.  Do not use hand wash detergent because it may form too much foam. Bleach cycle  Traditional bleach should be used on sturdy white fabrics, and delicate bleach for coloured fabrics, synthetics and for wool. Place extra compartment 4, provided, into compartment 1. When pouring in the bleach, be careful not to exceed the "max" level indicated on the central pivot (see figure). To run the bleach cycle alone, pour the bleach into extra compartment 4 and set the Rinse programme . To bleach during a wash cycle, pour in the detergent and fabric softener, set the desired programme and enable the Stain removal option (see page 9). The use of extra compartment 4 excludes the possibility of using the pre-wash cycle. 10 Precautions and advice  The washing machine was designed and built in compliance with the applicable international safety regulations. The following information is provided for your safety and should consequently be read carefully. • Disposing of an old washing machine: before scrapping your appliance, cut the power supply cable and remove the appliance door. GB Installation General safety • This appliance has been designed for nonprofessional, household use and its functions must not be changed. • This washing machine should only be used by adults and in accordance with the instructions provided in this manual. • Never touch the washing machine when barefoot or with wet or damp hands or feet. • Do not pull on the power supply cable to unplug the appliance from the electricity socket. [. . . ] • Use the correct quantity of detergent depending on the water hardness, how soiled the garments are and the amount of laundry you have, to avoid wastage and to protect the environment: despite being biodegradable, detergents do contain ingredients that alter the natural balance of the environment. • If you use your washing machine from late in the afternoon until the early hours of the morning, you will help reduce the electricity board's peak load. The Delay Timer option (see page 9) helps to organise your wash cycles accordingly. • If your laundry has to be dried in a tumble dryer, select a high spin speed. [. . . ]


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