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[. . . ] If it is placed on a fitted or loose carpet, adjust the feet in such a way as to allow enough room for ventilation beneath the washing machine. Remove the 3 protective screws and the rubber bush with the respective spacer, situated on the rear of the appliance (see also the installation leaflet). NB:The plastic spacers may fall down inside the machine once the bolt has been removed, and will not interfere with the operation of the machine. Keep all the parts: you will need them again if the washing machine needs to be moved to another location. [. . . ] Service  The rapid flashing of the ON-OFF/DOOR LOCK Led together with the flashing of at least one other LED indicates there is an abnormality (see page 13). All the LEDS will light up for a few seconds and the ON-OFF/DOOR LOCK Led will begin to flash. Load your laundry into the washing machine and shut the appliance door. Start the programme by pressing the START/RESET button for one second. Once the programme has been accepted all of the option and status LED's will illuminate momentarily, the Door Lock LED will be lit and the relevant wash cycle progress LED will also be lit. To cancel it, keep the START/RESET button pressed for at least 2 seconds. When the programme is finished, the ON-OFF/ DOOR LOCK Led will flash to indicate that the appliance door can be opened. Take out your laundry and leave the appliance door ajar to allow the drum to dry thoroughly. ) PA R T IA L P R O G R A M M E S R in s e S p in c yc le D rain in g • D e licate/ Trad itio n al 800 800 no 12 13 3 0 °C • • • • 50 60 800 600 3 0 °C W ash cycle, rin se cycles, in term ediate an d fin al spin cycles R in s e cycle s an d s p in cyc le Draining and spin cycle D rain in g Notes -For programmes 8 and 9, we advise against exceeding a wash load of 3. Special programme Daily (programme 11 for Synthetics) is designed to wash lightly soiled garments in a short amount of time: it only lasts 30 minutes and allows you to save on both time and energy. By setting this programme (11 at 30°C), you can wash different fabrics together (except for woollen and silk items), with a maximum load of 3 kg. The following information is provided for your safety and should consequently be read carefully. The crossed out "wheeled bin" symbol on the product reminds you of your obligation, that when you dispose of the appliance it must be separately collected. Consumers should contact their local authority or retailer for information concerning the correct disposal of their old appliance. GB Installation General safety • This appliance has been designed for nonprofessional, household use and its functions must not be changed. • This washing machine should only be used by adults and in accordance with the instructions provided in this manual. • Never touch the washing machine when barefoot or with wet or damp hands or feet. • Do not pull on the power supply cable to unplug the appliance from the electricity socket. • Do not open the detergent dispenser while the appliance is in operation. • Do not touch the drain water as it could reach very high temperatures. • Never force the washing machine door: this could damage the safety lock mechanism designed to prevent any accidental openings. • In the event of a malfunction, do not under any circumstances touch internal parts in order to attempt repairs. [. . . ] This is perfectly normal; Caring for your appliance door and drum • Always leave the appliance door ajar to prevent unpleasant odours from forming. Reposition the panel, making sure the hooks are securely in place before you push it onto the appliance. Checking the water inlet hose Check the water inlet hose at least once a year. If you see any cracks, replace it immediately: during the wash cycles, water pressure is very strong and a cracked hose could easily split open. [. . . ]


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