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[. . . ] 2 Raccordement du tuyau de vidange Raccorder le tuyau d’évacuation, sans le plier, à un conduit d’évacuation ou à une évacuation murale placés à une distance du sol comprise entre 65 et 100 cm ; ou bien l’accrocher à un évier ou à une baignoire, dans ce cas, fixer le support en plastique fourni avec l’appareil au robinet (voir figure). GB English GB Contents Installation, 14-15 Unpacking and levelling Connecting the electricity and water supplies The first wash cycle Technical data Care and maintenance, 16 Cutting off the water or electricity supply Cleaning the Washer-dryerCleaning the detergent dispenser drawer Caring for the door and drum of your appliance Cleaning the pump Checking the water inlet hose XWDA 751480 Precautions and tips, 17 General safety Load balancing system Disposal Description of the Washer-dryer and starting a wash cycle, 18-19 Control panel Indicator lights Starting a wash cycle Wash cycles, 20 Push&Wash+Dry Table of wash cycles Personalisation, 21 Setting the temperature Setting the drying cycle Wash options Detergents and laundry, 22 Detergent dispenser drawer Bleach cycle Preparing the laundry Garments requiring special care Troubleshooting, 23 Service, 24 13 Installation GB !This instruction manual should be kept in a safe place for future reference. If the Washerdryer is sold, transferred or moved, make sure that the instruction manual remains with the machine so that the new owner is able to familiarise himself/herself with its operation and features. [. . . ] Wash Rinse Spin/Drain Drying End of wash cycle FIN Function buttons and corresponding indicator lights When a function is selected, the corresponding indicator light will illuminate. If the selected function is not compatible with the programmed wash cycle, the corresponding indicator light will flash and the function will not be activated. If the selected option is not compatible with another previously selected option, the indicator light will flash accompanied by a buzzer (3 beeps), and only the latter option will be activated; the indicator light corresponding to the activated option will turn on Door locked indicator light When the indicator light is on, the porthole door is locked to prevent it from being opened; make sure the indicator light is off before opening the door (wait approximately 3 minutes). To open the door during a running wash cycle, press the START/PAUSE button; the door may be opened once the DOOR LOCKED indicator light turns off. Load the laundry, making sure you do not exceed the maximum load value indicated in the table of programmes and wash cycles on the following page. Pull out the detergent dispenser drawer and pour the detergent into the relevant compartments as described in “Detergents and laundry”. Press the “Push&Wash+Dry” button to start the programme. All the indicator lights will turn on for a few seconds, then only the indicator lights relative to the selected programme settings will remain lit and the START/PAUSE indicator light will flash. Set the drying cycle if necessary (see “Personalisation”). Start the wash cycle by pressing the START/PAUSE button and the corresponding indicator light will remain lit in a fixed manner in green. To cancel the set wash cycle, pause the machine by pressing the START/PAUSE button and select a new cycle. The door can be opened once the DOOR LOCK indicator light turns off (wait approximately 3 minutes). Take out your laundry and leave the appliance door ajar to make sure the drum dries completely. 19 Wash cycles GB Push&Wash+Dry This function makes it possible to start an automatic wash and drying cycle either when the machine is off without having to press the ON/OFF button in advance, or after switching on the machine without having activated any button and/or selector (otherwise the Push&Wash+Dry function will be deactivated). To start the Push&Wash+Dry cycle press and hold the button for 2 seconds. The wash and drying cycle is ideal for cotton or synthetic fabrics, as it washes them at a temperature of 30° and a maximum spin speed of 1000 rpm. At the end of the cycle the residual humidity will be the same as for the “ ” level. Load the laundry (cotton and/or synthetic garments) and close the door. Start the cycle by pressing and holding the Push&Wash+Dry button for 2 seconds. The relevant indicator light will turn green and the door will lock (the DOOR LOCKED symbol is lit). NB: starting the cycle through the Push&Wash+Dry button activates an automatic non-customisable wash and drying cycle recommended for cotton and synthetic fabrics. The automatic cycle can be used only for washing, excluding the drying phase. [. . . ] Do not exceed the values listed in the “Table of wash cycles”, which refer to the weight of the laundry when dry. 1 sheet 400-500 g 1 pillow case 150-200 g 1 tablecloth 400-500 g 1 bathrobe 900-1. 200 g 1 towel 150-250 g Garments requiring special care Sport (programme 1) is designed for washing lightly soiled sports clothing (tracksuits, shorts, etc. ); for best results, we recommend not exceeding the maximum load indicated in the “Table of wash cycles”. [. . . ]


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