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[. . . ] If it is placed on carpet or a rug, adjust the feet in such a way as to allow a sufficient ventilation space underneath the washing machine. Unpacking and levelling Unpacking 1. Make sure that the washing machine has not been damaged during the transportation process. If it has been damaged, contact the retailer and do not proceed any further with the installation process. Remove the protective screws (used during transportation) and the rubber washer with the corresponding spacer, located on the rear part of the appliance (see figure). [. . . ] Take out your laundry and leave the appliance door ajar to make sure the drum dries completely. Switch the washing machine off by pressing the ON/OFF button. 9 Wash cycles GB Push & Wash This function allows for starting a wash cycle even when the machine is switched off without having to press the ON/OFF button in advance, or after switching on the machine, without having activated any button and/or selector (otherwise, the Push & Wash function will be deactivated). To start the Push & Wash cycle press and hold the relative button for 2 seconds. This wash cycle is ideal for cotton or synthetic fabrics, as it washes at a temperature of 30° and a maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm. Load the laundry (cotton and/or synthetic garments) and close the door. Start the programme by pressing and holding the Push & Wash button for 2 seconds. The relative indicator light turns green and the door will lock (the DOOR LOCKED symbol turns on). N. B. : starting the wash cycle through the Push & Wash button activates an automatic non-customisable cycle recommended for cotton and synthetic fabrics. To open the door while an automatic cycle is under way, press the START/PAUSE button; if the DOOR LOCKED symbol is switched off the door may be opened. Press the START/PAUSE button again to restart the wash cycle from the point at which it was interrupted. Once the programme is finished, the END indicator light turns on. Table of wash cycles Wash cycles Detergents Fabric softener Wash Description of the wash cycle Max. Technical Wear, designed for specifically washing waterproof garments or clothing with special technical fibres like Gore-Tex, so as to optimise washing performance while preserving their technical properties over time. Fast Forward During a wash programme and under certain conditions, pressing this button allows for ending the wash programme after only 20’ if necessary, by performing a brief rinse cycle followed by a spin cycle at maximum 800 rpm or lower, if reduced manually during the programme customisation phase. After pressing the button, the relative indicator light turns on together with the indicator light of the rinse phase. If the selected temperature is equal to 40° and/or the button is pressed during the initial phase of the programme, the “Fast Forward” option lasts longer so that the detergent can dissolve properly and avoid damaging the fabrics. In this case, the rinse phase indicator light flashes while the wash indicator light remains fixed until the necessary activation conditions are fulfilled. If less than 20’ remain of the wash programme, the option will be disabled. Easy iron By selecting this function, the wash and spin cycles will be modified in order to reduce the formation of creases. At the end of the cycle the washing machine will perform slow rotations of the drum, while the EASY IRON and START/PAUSE indicator lights will flash and the END led will remain lit in a fixed manner. To end the cycle, press the START/PAUSE button or the EASY IRON button. Extra Rinse By selecting this option, the efficiency of the rinse is increased and optimal detergent removal is guaranteed. It is particularly useful for sensitive skin. 11 Detergents and laundry GB Detergent dispenser drawer Successful washing results also depend on the correct dose of detergent: adding too much detergent will not necessarily result in a more efficient wash, and may in fact cause build up on the inside of your appliance and contribute to environmental pollution. [. . . ] • To comply with new energy saving regulations the machine is fitted with an automatic standby system. Press ‘ON/OFF’ button for 3 seconds to activate the machine, it can then either be switched off or a new programme selected. After completing the programme, or before starting a programme, the machine has turned itself off (no lights). General. • Your washing machine contains sensors that monitor progress during the wash cycle (eg: Water Levels, Temperatures, Out of Balance loads, Wash time/progress). Normally, if your machine successfully completes the cycle, there is unlikely to be anything wrong! Remember, you will be charged for a service call for problems caused by incorrect installation, as indicated on pages 2 to 4. [. . . ]


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