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[. . . ] LCD screen  Note: The LCD screen is connected to the main body of the player via a rotatable axis which can be rotate horizontally clockwise 180 degree. Power ON indicator: When the unit is switched ON, the light will illuminate.  Charging indicator: The charging indicator will stay lit when the built-in battery becomes fully charged. D V D / CD: pr e s s onc e t o pr e - s t op (resume with button), press again to stop playback. [. . . ] € When the inside of the cigarette lighter socket is dirty with ashes or dust, the plug  section may become hot due to poor contact. €  fter use, disconnect the car power adaptor from both the unit and cigarette lighter A socket. Using the Built- in battery The unit has a built-in rechargeable battery (lithium-polymer). For new or exhausted rechargeable battery pack, we recommend it be recharged for 3 hours. It can be recharged at any time regardless of whether it is fully or partially discharged. The charging indicator will stay lit when the built-in battery becomes fully charged. gB - 5 Right side of unit A/V cable To AV OUT jack Frame advance (DVD) 1. Use the number buttons to enter the title number and then the chapter number (DVD)  or the track number (CD). Highlight the “PLAY” icon, press ENTER button to start the program play. Press the button to stop the program playback and clear the program memory. Input the chapter number or playback time, then it will jump to the target location  immediately. Indd 1 2016/8/19 15:58:11 USB PLAYBACK You can connect a USB flash drive (not included) to the USB connector port on the unit to play MP3/DivX/PICTURE files. ) For operation of playing files on the USB flash drive, please refer to the section “PLAYING MP3/DivX/PICTURE FILES” Note: • It is recommended USB flash drive when the unit is in OFF mode. GERNERAL SETUP PAGE ANGLE MARK ON: To show angle mark when a disc with multiple camera angles is playing. You can  view different camera angles of a DVD disc by pressing ANGLE button on remote control. NOTE: This function is only available for discs encoded with multiple camera angles. AUTO STANDBY This function allows you to select the standby setting: OFF: The unit will not switch to standby mode. 3 HOURS: If no button is pressed within 3 hours, the unit will switch to standby mode  automatically. 4 HOURS: If no button is pressed within 4 hours, the unit will switch to standby mode  automatically. AUDIO SETUP PAGE DYNAMIC • To control the different sound levels via dynamic compression. It improves the quality  of the sound track at a low volume, and quiets the loudest sounds. € If the selected language is not available on the disc, the disc’s language will be used  instead. [. . . ]  • Battery shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.  • Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause hearing loss.  • Under the influence of electrical fast transient or/and electrostatic phenomenon, the  product may malfunction and require user to power reset. On no account should this unit be used by the driver of a moving motor vehicle, or left unsecured in the vehicle whilst driving. [. . . ]


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