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[. . . ]  lways use the most recline position when used A for new born babies. If the manufacturer of your pushchair  recommends using it in combination with a carrycot or a car seat, then, the maximum weight for the combination is that indicated on the additional product. If the manufacturer of your pushchair  recommends using it in combination with a carrycot or car seat, always have them facing you. [. . . ] €¢  ny load attached to the A handle, backrest or sides affects the stability of the pram/pushchair. €¢  o avoid the risk of T suffocation, keep all plastic bags and packaging out of reach of babies and young children. €¢ Raincover uses: do not use in  sunny weather because of excessive heat. €¢ Always check that the brake is  fully engaged before letting go of your stroller. €¢ Never let your child climb into  or out of the stroller alone. €¢ Check that the pram body or  seat unit or car seat attachment devices are correctly engaged before use. We advise you to check and if necessary clean mechanical parts every fortnight. Clean and dry  thoroughly the chassis, every time you’ve been in muddy or sandy areas, to avoid rust.  our pushchair may not work properly if it is not Y maintained regularly. environment Keep plastic covering away from children to avoid suffocation. For environmental reasons, when you have stopped using this product, we ask that you dispose of the product in the proper waste facilities in accordance with local legislation. Questions Please contact your local Safety 1st distributor or visit our website, www. When doing so please have the following information to hand: - Serial number - Age (height) and weight of your child. » EN 30 Warranty We guarantee that this product has been manufactured in accordance with European safety standards and quality requirements in force at the present time and that, at the time of its purchase by the retailer, this product was exempt from any defect of composition and manufacture. [. . . ] €¢  hen it is a case of normal wear of the parts, such W as can be expected from daily use (wheels, rotating and mobile elements, etc. The warranty is only valid for the first owner and is not transferrable. When buying the product, please keep the original till receipt safely. [. . . ]


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