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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Anglais LU 27 A5. qxd 15/12/2004 10:08 Page 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. 1. 1. Safety Maintenance 2 3 1. 2 4 4 4 5 Important safety information Important safety information Overview of the LCD TV Unpacking Inserting the remote control batteries Connecting power 1. 1. 2. 3. Respect all maintenance advice, safety precautions and instructions recommended in this user booklet for your safety and to prolong the working life of the equipment. Product functions 5 First installation Remote control Getting started Basic connections RF IN port COMPONENT port SCART ports AV4S input AV4 input MULTIMEDIA port HEADPHONE port Hi-Fi OUTPUT port 8 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 11 5 7 8 · CAUTION The exclamation mark within a triangle is intended to tell the user about important operating and servicing instructions. 5. 5. 1 5. 1. 1. [. . . ] SCART ports The LCD TV has three ports for connecting up to three SCART A/V devices with the LCD TV : ANT AV4/S AV4/CVBS R L Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr H D T V S C A R T 1 1 S C A R T 2 Connect the DVD or PC laptop or HDTV SetTop Box to the DVI port, or connect the PC laptop to the VGA port. 2 SCART 1 and 2 (input-oputput) are designed for Set Top Boxes, DVD players, games consoles or any devices producing RGB signal. R L PC/DVI AUDIO IN L HI-FI OUTPUT HEADPHONE R L S C A R T 3 Connect the Line out audio output of your PC to the PC AUDIO IN connector of the TV. R DVD DV D OR DIGITAL DECODER DVI VGA ANT AV4/S AV4/CVBS R L Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr T V H D S C A R T 3 S C A R T 2 S C A R T 1 DIGITAL DECODER Note: This Multimedia port is fully compliant with external devices which can manage High Definition Video such as, for instance, HDTV Set Top Boxes. DVD OR DV D SCART 2 has the same use as SCART 1, but is the only part for Syster/Canal+ terrestrial decoder (France) OR C+ DECODER DVI D OR R L R PC/DVI AUDIO IN L HI-FI OUTPUT HEADPHONE R L VIDEO RECORDER 5. 1. 7. HEADPHONE port VHS SCART 3 is only designed for VCR and other VHS/S-VHS devices such as camcorders. For all these ports, use classic SCART cable (not given) L Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr R L PC/DVI AUDIO IN L HI-FI OUTPUT HEADPHONE R L H D T V A R T 2 S C A R T 3 The HEADPHONE port allows you to connect headphones to your LCD TV. R 9 10 ENGLISH If you have subscribed to a cable TV system using pay TV signals requiring a Set Top Box to view all channels, connect the ANT connector to the Set Top Box's ANTENNA OUT connector, Using an audio cable, connect the audio (L, R) connector on the TV to the corresponding audio output connector of your A/V device. Anglais LU 27 A5. qxd 15/12/2004 10:08 Page 11 5. 1. 8. Hi-Fi OUTPUT port Use the Hi-Fi OUTPUT port to connect your LCD TV to an external audio amplifier with external speakers and enjoy better sound quality. 7. Using the OSD menus The On-Screen Display (OSD) menu system provides a quick and simple method to adjust your LCD TV settings. This chapter describes how to change each of the available settings. ANT AV4/S AV4/CVBS R L Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr T V H D S C A R T 3 S C A R T 2 S C A R T 1 OSD menus can be viewed using both the remote control and the control buttons on the front panel as shown in the following table: Remote Control MENU Front Panel Control Action MENU Press to enter in the OSD menus. Press again to return to the previous menu or to exit OSD menus if the current menu is the main one. or Pr+ or Pror EXIT VOL+ or VOLMENU R L R HI-FI OUTPUT HEADPHONE R L PC/DVI AUDIO IN L Move up and down in the OSD menus. HI-FI SYSTEM Press to change values in the OSD menus. Press to quit the OSD menus. In this case, you must turn off your internal speakers of the LCD TV (See § 7. 3. 1. ). 6. Inserting memory flash cards The LCD TV also provides a memory flash card reader function to enable you to view digital images directly on the screen without requiring a PC to read the card contents. Insert the memory card in the appropriate memory card slot as shown in the illustration: 7. 1. Changing picture settings This menu allows you to modify the settings of your image definition by adjusting them or to use pre-defined settings. BRIGHTNESS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 VIDEO MODE USER COLOUR TEMPERATURE NEUTRAL SD/MMC SM SM SD/MMC CF CF MS MS MENU : EXIT OSD : SELECT The following options are available from the Picture menu: Inserting a Memory Stick Option BRIGHTNESS CONTRAST COLOUR TINT : ADJUST Inserting a CompactFlash card Function Adjusts the levels of light on your screen. It should be used in conjunction with the Contrast option. Adjusts the difference between the dark and light levels on your display. It should be used in conjunction with the Brightness option. Changes the dominant colour intensity on your screen. Adjust this setting until the colours on the screen (for example, flesh tones) look natural. SD/MMC SD/MMC CF CF Changes the colour balance. Adjust this setting so that the colours (for example, flesh tones) on the screen are neither too green or too magenta. SHARPNESS MS SM MS SM Adjusts the sharpness levels on your screen. VIDEO MODE COLOUR TEMPERATURE The following options are available: NEUTRAL, CINEMA, SPORT, STUDIO, USER, PC, MULTIMEDIA Inserting a SmartMedia card Inserting a Secure Digital/MultiMediaCard Note: Please refer to Remote Control Chapter for Picture Show navigation. CAUTION: Do not handle or remove the memory card as long as the hourglass is flashing on the screen. This function allows you to adjust the colour balance. 3 levels: cool, neutral or warm 11 12 Anglais LU 27 A5. qxd 15/12/2004 10:08 Page 13 7. 2. Changing PC settings This option allows you to adjust the source coming from your VGA or DVI port. 7. 3. Changing audio settings The Audio menu enables you to configure the volume, treble, and bass of the audio output. Use the slider bars to adjust these settings. MENU : EXIT OSD : SELECT : ADJUST MENU : EXIT OSD : SELECT Option SPEAKERS VOLUME : ADJUST Function Adjusts the overall volume of the speakers. 50 50 45 45 0 5 50 Off Balances the volume of the left and right speakers. Adjusts the overall volume of the headphone and Hi-Fi. [. . . ] LCD TV does not operate ­ External influences such as lightning or static electricity may cause improper operation. In this case, operate The unit after first turning on the power, or unplugging the AC cord and plugging it in again after 1 or 2 minutes. Power is cut off suddenly MENU : RETURN : SELECT : ADJUST ­ Check if the off timer or sleep timer are set. Remote control unit does not operate ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ 7. 6. 4. [. . . ]


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