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Manual abstract: user guide SAGEM D15T

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Introduction Dear customer: Thank you for purchasing a DECT SAGEM telephone we appreciate your trust in us. This product was manufactured with the utmost care, should you encounter difficulties during its use. You can also find information on the following site: http://www. sagem. com/faq For your comfort and safety, we ask that you read the following paragraph carefully: D15T 2. Before you begin PARTS CHECKLIST Make sure your package includes the items: 1. [. . . ] If you have not subscribed to CLIP service or if the caller number is «suppressed», the display shows unknown. Phonebook Store up to thirty 24-digit numbers and 12 characters in memory for quick dialling. - To delete the entry, press OK key . Handset ringer melody This function allows you to assign a ring tone for incoming calls. Make sure your handset is at standby mode, press PHONEBOOK key Press the or key to view the phonebook locations. . NOTE: Press 0 press C key to show the remaining digits let in the memory. If you enter the wrong digits C +0 + 5 jkl + OK . to delete the incorrect digits. 7. Caller list CLIP of incoming Call are stored in the CALLER LIST menu. If no call number is transmitted (unknown event), only the call time is stored. 7. 1. If you enter an invalid digit, press C key Press and hold the PHONEBOOK key The name input screen appears. C . The pause time is fixed to 3 seconds. R +0 + 3def + OK . 3. The display shows an ''H''. to select the melody 0. Press the 0/Next key 0 to go to last number page for CID length. Enter the name of the entry. The number then appears on the screen and the cursor is at the end of the number. You will hear a confirmation tone. OK The time / date icons (format is HH:MM DD/MM where hour is of 24 hour format) are displayed at the icon line. Press OK key OK to confirm your selection. to confirm your selection. -6- -7- -8- -9- - 10 - Dépliant LU 252604978A D15T English. fm Page 2 Vendredi, 30. Handset naming This function allows you to change the name of your handset. Key lock You can lock the keypad to prevent inadvertent activation. D15T 8. 3. 1 sec or replace handset into the This function allows you to choose the call log that you want to view. Tone / Pulse dialling Most telephone systems use tone dialling, however, some may still use pulse dialling. Depending on your telephone system, set the dialling mode as follows: 1. Press MENU +0 + 6mno + OK . Press and hold */key lock key display will show Key Lock icon + 1 + 1 + OK . To recover to normal, press and hold */key lock key base cradle. + 1 + 3def + OK . User Guide 8. 3. Local area code If you enter a 1 to 4 digit area code in the area code menu, your local area code will not appear in caller ID messages you receive. [. . . ] Our helpline is at your disposal to provide you with any technical assistance you may need to operate your Sagem Dect phone at 0905 693 0220 (£0. 15p per minute). If the helpline advisor diagnoses a technical problem that cannot be fixed over the phone, we undertake to remedy by repair, free of charge for labour and replacement parts , subject to the terms and conditions below, any defects in the Dect phone during a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase of the telephone, where those defects are a result of fautly workmanship. Proof of purchase will be required ; so, please keep the receipt in a safe place. An on-site exchange service will be performed the next working day after your call at the helpline (if call registered by 16. 00). [. . . ]


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