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Manual abstract: user guide SAGEM D30T

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] juin 2007 8:57 08 User Guide Préliminaire. fm Page i Lundi, 25. juin 2007 9:33 09 INTRODUCTION Dear customer: Thank you for purchasing a SAGEM DECT telephone; we appreciate your trust in us. This product was manufactured with the utmost care, should you encounter any difficulties during its use, we recommend that you refer to this user guide. You can also find information on the following site: http://www. sagem. com/faq For your comfort and safety, we ask that you read the following paragraph carefully: Recommendations and safety instructions Your DECT telephone must not be installed in a humid room (wash room, bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, etc. ) unless it is 1. 50 m away from a water point, or outside. [. . . ] to launch the Timer The timer function activates the handset ringer at a programmed time. Once the specified time has elapsed, the handset rings for 60 seconds and the alarm screen is activated. , press or is Changing the timer ring tone To modify the timer ring tone, select RING TONE using keys or . or . to access the volume On the navigator key Press or to increase or decrease the volume. , the timer activation screen until the ACCESSORIES screen displayed, press OK to confirm. Press Press Return appears. Launch the timer by pressing Start . 33 LU 252973993 D30 T V H Australie. book Page 34 Mercredi, 20. juin 2007 9:47 09 ACCESSORIES Displaying or hiding the programmed time of the timer To display (or hide) the time on the screen during its countdown, select VIEW in the Timer menu using or . . A screen appears indicating if you want to show the timer, press Yes Press Return appears. . Viewing a birthday alarm In the birthday alarm list screen, select the alarm you would like to view using or , and press OK to confirm. This entry consists of: · the name of the person concerned, · the birth date, · the time at which you would like to be notified by the alarm. , the timer activation screen To exit the menu, press the red key . Birthday alarms You can programme birthday alarms (10 alarms) on your DECT telephone. Your telephone will ring for 60 seconds and an alarm screen will appear to remind you of such events. The alarm screen will remain displayed until one of the keypad keys is pressed. Modifying or deleting a birthday alarm In the birthday alarm list screen, select the alarm you wish to edit using or . Press Option . Adding a new birthday alarm On the navigator key , press or is until the ACCESSORIES screen displayed, press OK to confirm. Press The following options are available: - VIEW: to view the alarm data. - RING TONE: to set the ring tone that will sound when the alarm goes off. - NEW ENTRY: to set up a new alarm. Select New using . To exit the menu, press the red key . Enter the name of the person concerned using the keypad keys. . 34 LU 252973993 D30 T V H Australie. book Page 35 Mercredi, 20. juin 2007 9:47 09 ACCESSORIES Monitoring a room Two handsets must be registred on the same base to use this function. The other handset will remain with you, it is in "receiver" mode. and At the end of the call, the handset will automatically return in monitor mode. , press or is To stop monitoring: - Press Stop on the transmitter set. - Press Stop on the receiver set and confirm by pressing Yes and Stop on the transmitter handset at the same time. On the navigator key until the ACCESSORIES screen displayed, press OK to confirm. [. . . ] You obtain a "busy" dial tone for each dialled number. You cannot send or receive SMSs. 58 LU 252973993 D30 T V H Australie. book Page 59 Mercredi, 20. juin 2007 9:47 09 FEATURES Functions SMS SMS sending centre SMS reception centre 01983381 01983391 Default settings Functions Language Security Keypad lock Emergency Base code Time limit Restriction Intrusion Advanced settings · Line settings Network type Flashing PABX prefix · Base settings Base name BASE 1 Public 100 ms Off Off Off 0000 Off Off Off Default settings English ACCESSORIES Alarm clock Timer Room monitor Off Off Off RING TONE Ringer (Ext/Int) Silent mode Beeps Flute / Mineral Off All active SETTINGS Program keys Date/Time Auto Hang up Auto Pick up Silence / TAM 00:00 // 01/01/07 On Off Telephone features Number of channels Radio frequency band Duplex mode Spacing between Bit rate Modulation Vocoding Transmitting power Base operating voltage Charging time 120 1, 88 - 1, 90 GHz TDMA 1, 728 MHz 1152 Kbit/s GFSK ADPCM 250 mW 230 V , 50/60 Hz 12 hours Autonomy standby time talk time Handset range open space inside building Base dimensions Base weight Handset dimensions Handset weight up to 300 m up to 50 m 167 x 113 x 65 mm 136 g 140 x 51 x 30 mm 143 g 150 hours 15 hours All of this data is provided to you for information purposes only. Sagem Communication reserves the right to make any changes without notice. 59 LU 252973993 D30 T V H Australie. book Page 60 Mercredi, 20. juin 2007 9:47 09 ENVIRONMENT Preservation of the environment is an essential concern of Sagem Communication. [. . . ]


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