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[. . . ] User Manual 2 Dear Customer, In buying this device you have chosen a quality product made by PHILIPS. Your device fulfils the most varied requirements for private use or in your office and business everyday. You can assign frequently dialled numbers to speed dial keys or short dialling numbers. The built-in answering machine (depending on the model) stores up to 14 minutes of messages. [. . . ] 4 Enter the desired number using the numeric keypad or dial a saved entry. 5 Press o. Sending fax later If you would like to make use of the lower telephone tariffs or if the recipient can be reached at some specific time only, you can send the fax at a later time ­ within 24 hours. 5 Enter the desired number using the numeric keypad, select a speed dialling or short dialling entry or a number from the redial or caller list. The device goes into standby mode and transmits the fax at the entered time. Polling send of faxes You can keep a document ready in your device, which can be polled by others. 3 Press o twice. Modifying or printing settings 1 Press MENU several times until DELAYED TX appears on the display. 3 Change the number and confirm using o. Fax Reception Fax reception Received faxes are printed out immediately. If no paper or no ink cartridge is inserted, the device saves incoming fax messages. If you insert paper or a new ink cartridge, the saved messages are printed. If the message memory is full, no additional messages can be received. Follow the specifications in the technical data. Message memory full 18 4 Copier 20 A5/A4 documents Copying a document Making a copy Press o. Use documents with sizes A5 or A4 with 60 to 100 g/m2 weight. You can insert up to 20 documents at a time. Inserting the document 1 Insert the documents face up into the document feeder. The top most document will be fed in first. Creating multiple copies 1 Using the numeric keys, enter how many copies of the document (max. The copy is created. Making Copies with Custom Settings 1 2 3 4 Press MENU. Using u select whether to reduce or enlarge the document in size when copying. PHOTO - for photos. 19 5 SMS Not supported everywhere Sending saved SMS 1 Press _. The selected SMS is sent. (Function is not supported in all countries and networks) SMS Requirements CLIP for SMS Your device is preset for using the SMS (Short Messaging Service) services. It is possible that you will not be able to send and receive SMS messages from a private branch exchange (depending on the country and network). SMS with secret number Should you face problems in sending SMS, the reason for the same could be that you are using a secret number or that the device is connected to an old ISDN System. SMS Requirements Receiving SMS Receiving/saving SMS Ask your telephone service provider . . . which functions are available. SMSs received are saved and can be printed subsequently. Your device can store up to 30 SMSs. Reading SMS When a new SMS is received, the _ symbol lights up. 9 Select another SMS using [. Sending SMS No originals in the document feeder Make sure that no originals are present in the document feeder. 3 You can enter characters using the numeric keys (see button labels) You can enter special characters using 0. 5 Enter the desired number using the numeric keypad or dial a saved entry. [. . . ] Trademarks: The references mentioned in this manual are trademarks of the respective companies. The lack of the symbols ® and TM does not justify the assumption that these dedicated terms are free trademarks. Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. The list of such documents below is not intended to be complete, it only offers a general overview. [. . . ]


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