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[. . . ] 251050267. qxd 25/04/01 8:44 Page 1 MC 300X ENGLISH IN A FEW WORDS . . . 1 Switch on Press . Lock and unlock the keyboard from the standby screen Press Redial last number Press . twice. * then OK. Call Dial the number then press Answer Press . Make a call from a number stored in the directory By name: enter the first letters of the name, press , scroll down the list to find your correspondent then press to call. By location in the directory: enter the number of the location then press to call. Hang up Press . Switch off Press (long press). * Hands free To communicate, press . Briefly, the functions 1 27/04/2001, 10:37 MC300X_GB-00. p65 MENUS Enter using or and Navigate using Validate using OK Quit using C SERVICES DIRECTORY TEXT MESSAGES CALL SERVICES RINGING AND BEEPS SETTINGS SECURITY ACCESSORIES 2 MC300X_GB-00. p65 2 27/04/2001, 10:38 Briefly, the menus You have just bought a mobile phone and we congratulate you on your choice. Your phone will allow you to use different international networks depending on the roaming agreements between the operators. [. . . ] When no more space is available, the display reads MESSAGE FULL upon receiving a message. 6. 4 Reading short messages TEXT MESSAGES/READ This menu allows to read the received short messages. 6. 6 Deleting short messages TEXT MESSAGES/DELETE This menu allows to delete the short messages already read, in order to free-up memory space. 6. Text messages 27/04/2001, 10:30 MC300X_GB-06. p65 27 28 7. 1 Forwarding calls CALL SERVICES/CALL FRW. If allowed by your subscription, this service allows you to forward the received calls (incoming calls) to another number. CALL SERVICES/CALL FRW. /ACTIVATE Scroll the menu to activate the type of call forwarding required. Look out for incompatibilities; for UNCONDITIONAL call more information, forwarding: all your incoming calls consult your will be forwarded to the number Operator or your you have chosen. NO REPLY calls are forwarded when your caller gets no answer from your phone after a period of time you can set by answering the questions asked by the menu. NOT REACHABLE calls are forwarded when your phone is not reachable, either outside network coverage or switched off. 7. Call services MC300X_GB-07. p65 28 27/04/2001, 10:31 29 Dial the number to which you want your calls to be forwarded to, giving the same area codes as if you were calling from your phone. A screen message confirms activation of call forwarding. The forwarding number to the messaging centre depends on the subscription type. 7. 2 Viewing the list of the last numbers used You can view the list of the last phone numbers used (outgoing and incoming if available). Press , or CALL SERVICES/LAST/VIEW CALLS The last numbers stored are displayed. Press to call the selected number. CALL SERVICES/CALL FRW. / You can deactivate DEACTIVATE ALL call forwarding Scroll the menu to deactivate the options. Warning CALL SERVICES/CALL FRW. / STATUS This menu allows you to consult the status of the call-forwarding option and check whether it is active or not. This function is also of use when checking the number your calls are forwarded to. The displayed information is given by the network in real time. Cancellations of forwarding can cause particular reactions in certain voice mailbox systems on the network. 7. 3 Deleting numbers CALL SERVICES/LAST/DELETE/ LAST This menu allows you to trigger immediate deleting of the lastnumbers list. Warning This list is automatically deleted if the SIM card is changed. 7. Call services MC300X_GB-07. p65 29 27/04/2001, 10:31 CALL SERVICES/LAST/DELETE/AUTO. You can also program the automatic erasing of numbers, which is effective when the phone is switched ON/OFF. Display ACTIVE by pressing the scrolling arrows, then validate. 30 On incoming call, you can check if, when you forward the calls you receive to another number, you prevent this number to be displayed on the caller's phone (COLR). CALL SERVICES/SEND No/CORRESP. ID Your correspondents number On outgoing call, you can to be aware of the phone number your call is forwarded to (COLP). This function is possible only if the called party allows its identity to be displayed, by deactivating its COLR option. On incoming call, when activated, this function allows you to have your caller's ID displayed on your phone (CLIP). This function is possible only if the caller authorised it by deactivating its CLIR option. [. . . ] It may be necessary to try this several times. 13. Upkeep Maintenance menu This menu contains information that you could be asked for to perform specific operations. Upkeep MC300X_GB-13. p65 51 27/04/2001, 10:35 52 The use of your phone is controlled by safety regulations intended to protect both the user and his/her environment. Electrical safety Only use the appropriate chargers contained in the manufacturers catalogue. Using another charger could be dangerous; and will lead to the guarantee for your phone being rendered invalid. The mains voltage should correspond to that given on the manufacturers plate on the charger. CE marking on the unit conforms to directives 1999/5/ EC, 89/336/CEE and 73/23/CEE 14. Recommendations 14. [. . . ]


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