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Manual abstract: user guide SAGEM MF 3760

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] SAGEM MF 3760 - MF 3780 User Manual S WELCOME You have just acquired a new generation communications terminal from SAGEM and we congratulate you on your choice. This multi-function terminal is capable of faxing, printing and scanning and furthermore, can be used for Internet communications. This User's Manual presents the model in the range: Model · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Equipement Duplex unit scanner colour 33. 6 kbps fax and 56 kbps data modem 28 ppm Black & White laser printer Emission / reception of SMS Front/back module Companion Suite Pro kit PC Bilinear (depending on model) Duplex unit scanner colour 33. 6 kbps fax and 56 kbps data modem 28 ppm Black & White laser printer duplex-unit Emission / reception of SMS Front/back module LAN 10/100 Base T Companion Suite Pro kit PC MF 3760 MF 3780 It combines power, user-friendliness and simplicity thanks to its navigator, its multitask access and its direct access directory. Providing access to the Internet, your terminal lets you, depending on model: · send and receive faxes to E-mails thanks to the F@x to E-mail function, · send and receive E-mails, · send SMS's. Denpending on model, you can also print to PCL® 6 and KPDL/SGScript 3 formats (emulation of Postscript® level 3 language). [. . . ] Adjust the contrast and the resolution if necessary (reportez-vous au paragraphe Choosing the resolution/contrast, page 5-2). 5-7 Safety Maintenance Sending a colour document to an E-mail address Print function Operation Directory TRANSMISSION OVER THE INTERNET Setting your machine Getting started Installation Using the keys or within the navigator select the subscriber from the directory (If the directory is empty the display will show DIRECTORY EMPTY). Enter the number of the subscriber manually or store the name and related number in the directory. (reportez-vous au paragraphe Creating subscribers record, page 4-2). Contents Operation Press the key. The document is scanned and memorised, it will be sent at the time of Internet connection. If your contact has a PC, he will receive an E-mail to which your fax is attached in colour PDF or TIFF format, depending on the format choice you made. If your subscriber has an Internet fax, he will receive a paper fax. Sending a typed message to an E-Mail address You can send a typed message to an E-mail mailbox. You can also add an attachment to this keypad message (the attachment is a scanned paper document). Enter the addressee's E-mail address or choose your dialling mode (reportez-vous au paragraphe Dialling, page 5-3). Enter the address of who you want to receive a copy of the document (CC:), and press OK to confirm. Enter the text with the alphabetical keypad (100 lines of 80 characters) and confirm with OK. To go to the next line, use key . Then, you can choose between two options: Send the typed mail directly. Press OK, the mail is memorised and will be sent at the next Internet connection, validate by pressing the Your subscriber will receive an E-mail. key. 5-8 Operation Add an attachment (scanned document) to your mail: Select the scanner to use to scan your document. SCANNER ADF (scroll scanner) or FLAT SCANNER (reportez-vous au paragraphe Description, page 1-7). Select B&W SCAN to send a black and white document or COLOR SCAN to send a color document, and validate with OK key (this setting can be changed at any time during the send procedure, using the colour key). If necessary, change the attachment format: PDF or IMAGE and validate with OK key. If you have started to scan with the flat scanner, the unit will scan the other pages. Set contrast and resolution if necessary (reportez-vous au paragraphe Choosing the resolution/contrast, page 5-2). Your contact will receive an E-mail with an attachment. Scan to FTP The scan to FTP function enables you to put your TIFF, JPEG and PDF files in an FTP server, for example, for archiving. To connect to the FTP server, you must know the name of the FTP user and the PASSWORD. When sending files, the machine connects to the FTP server using the defined connection parameters. 5-9 Safety Maintenance Print function Operation Directory Setting your machine Getting started Installation Contents Operation Simply put the file in an FTP server : Put the document in one of the scanners (refer to the Positioning the document paragraph, page 5-1). key. Enter the FTP address of the server or select it from the directory by pressing the Enter the name of the FTP user (operation prohibited when the address is in the directory). Enter the password of the FTP user (operation not necessary when the address is selected in the directory). [. . . ] 11. Use, duplication or disclosure by the Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in the Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software clause at FAR 252-227-7013, subdivision (b)(3)(ii) or subparagraph (c)(1)(ii), as appropriate. Further use, duplication or disclosure is subject to restrictions applicable to restricted rights software as set forth in FAR 52. 227-19 (c)(2). 12. You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement, understand it, and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. Neither party shall be bound by any statement or representation not contained in this Agreement. [. . . ]


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