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Manual abstract: user guide SAGEM MF 4461

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] TELECOM SAGEM FAX 4440 MF 4461 Instruction booklet Fax 4440 / MF 4461 For your security and comfort, we urge you to carefully read the chapter Security, page 1 before any use. By buying this multifunction machine, you have opted for a SAGEM quality product. Your device satisfies the different specifications of a modern office automation tool. This machine allows you to scan and fax in color and black and white, to print and copy in black and white. [. . . ] Choice between transmission speed displayed or number of the page in progress. Choosing the printer standby delay: the printer will switch to standby after a delay (in minutes) of NON-operation or during the period of time of your choice. 12 - Rings 13 - Discard size 2 - TX header 3 - TX speed 20 - E. C. M. 4 - Echo protect 80 - Toner save 91 - Printer error timeout 6 - EPT mode 7 - COM. display 92 - Printer wait timeout 8 - Eco energy 93 - Replace format Page format change. WEP Keys Number of WEP keys allowed (from 1 to 4). - 28 - 6 - Parameters/Setup Technical Parameters Fax 4440 / MF 4461 6 - Parameters/Setup Printing the functions guide The printing is not possible on A5 paper format. 51 - PRINT / FUNCTIONS LIST 1 Press on and enter 51 with the digital keypad. The printing of the functions guide starts. Lock the machine This function prevents non-authorized people from accessing the machine. An access code will be required every time someone wants to use the device. Before that you have to enter a lock code. If a code is already registered, enter the old code before typing the new one. Printing the logs 811 - ADVANCED FCT / LOCK / LOCKING CODE The printing is not possible on A5 paper format. The incoming and outgoing logs list the last 30 transmissions (incoming and outgoing) made by your machine. Each log (incoming or outgoing) contains a table with the following information: · date and time of the incoming or outgoing document, · subscriber's number, · transmission mode (Norm, Fine, SFine or Photo), · number of pages sent or received, · call duration, · incoming or outgoing results: noted CORRECT if properly transmitted, or information codes for special calls (polling, manual subscribers, etc. ) · reason for call error (example: your subscriber does not answer) To print the logs: 52 - PRINT / LOGS 1 Press on and enter 52 with the digital keypad. 3 Enter again your lock code (4 digits) with the keyboard, confirm with OK. 4 Quit this menu by pressing the button. Lock the keyboard Everytime you use your machine, you will have to enter your code. 4 Quit this menu by pressing the button. Lock the numbers This function locks dialling and the numerical keypad is disabled. Transmissions are only possible from numbers included in the directory. To access the number interlocking option: 813 - ADVANCED FCT / LOCK / LOCK NUMBER 1 Enter the four-digit interlock code with the keypad. 5 Quit this menu by pressing the button. Print the list of setups The printing is not possible on A5 paper format. To print the list of setups: 54 - PRINT / SETUP 1 Press on , enter 54 with the digital keypad. - 29 - Lock the SMS service This function prevents access to the SMS service. To access the SMS service locking menu: 815 - ADVANCED FCT / LOCK / LOCK SMS 1 Enter the four-digit locking code with the numerical keypad. Fax 4440 / MF 4461 To view the number of pages printed on your machine: 824 - ADVANCED FCT / COUNTERS / PRINTED PG 1 Press on , enter 824 with the keyboard. 3 Quit this menu by pressing the button. When a code is already registered in the machine, you will have to enter this registered code first before you can type and register a new one. Read the counters This function allows you to view the activity counters for your machine at any time. According to your needs, you can read the counters for: · sent pages, · received pages, · scanned pages, · printed pages. Display the consumables status You can read at any time the remaining toner in the cartridge. 86 - ADVANCED FCT / CONSUMABLES 1 Press on , enter 86 with the keyboard. [. . . ] The nontransmitted document is automatically deleted from the memory and a transmission report is then printed together with an error code and the cause for transmission failure (see the communication error codes). Communication error codes The communication error codes appear in the logs and transmission reports. General codes Code 01 - Busy or no fax answer This code appears after 6 unsatisfactory attempts. Code 03 - User break A communication has been stopped by the user pressing the key . Code 04 - Non programmed number A number saved as a one-touch key or abbreviated number is not valid, check it. (Example: a delayed transmission was programmed with a one-touch key and this key has been deleted in the meantime). [. . . ]


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