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Manual abstract: user guide SAGEM MF 5680N

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] SAGEM MF 5660 / MF 5680n MF 5690dn User manual WELCOME You have just acquired a new generation communications terminal from SAGEM and we congratulate you on your choice. This multi-function terminal is capable of faxing, printing and scanning and furthermore, can be used for Internet communications. This User's Manual presents the model in the range: Model MF 5660 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Equipment Duplex unit scanner colour 33. 6 kbps fax and 56 kbps data modem 20 ppm Black & White laser printer Emission / reception of SMS Companion Suite Pro kit PC Duplex unit scanner colour 33. 6 kbps fax and 56 kbps data modem 20 ppm Black & White laser printer Emission / reception of SMS LAN 10/100 Base T Duplex unit scanner colour 33. 6 kbps fax and 56 kbps data modem 20 ppm Black & White laser printer Emission / reception of SMS Duplex copier LAN 10/100 Base T MF 5680n MF 5690dn It combines power, user-friendliness and simplicity thanks to its navigator, its multitask access and its direct access directory. Providing access to the Internet, your terminal lets you, depending on model: · send and receive faxes to E-mails thanks to the F@x to E-mail function, · send and receive E-mails, · send SMS's. Denpending on model, you can also print to PCL® 6 and SGScript 3 formats (emulation of Postscript® level 3 language). [. . . ] You may enter the number of pages before transmission and confirm with OK. Confirm postponed transmission by pressing key Your document is stored and will be sent at the new time. Remark: When sending in "Deferred Send" mode, make sure that the document in the feeder tray or on the scanner window is located in the right direction. . 5-5 Operation Transmission with auto redial This function allows you to monitor the dialling operation during a fax transmission. This function allows for example: · to hear if the subscriber's fax is engaged and if so, choose the moment when the line is clear to start the document transmission. · to control the communication progress in case of uncertain numbers, etc. Press . or keys. If necessary, set the sound level with navigator If not already done, enter the subscriber number (or refer to paragraph Using the last number dialled key, page 5-3 to call back the last subscriber). As soon as you hear the remote fax tone, the line is clear and you can start the transmission. Press to start the document transmission. If your machine is set in order to print a transmission report (refer to paragraph Main settings, page 3-1), the reduced copy of the document first page will not be printed and it notifies you that the communication is manual. Rerouting This function is used to reroute faxes received to a directory contact. To use this function, you have to perform two operations: set the rerouting address of the fax and activate rerouting. Activate rerouting M 391 OK - FAX / FAX FORWARD. / REROUTING / ACTIVATION Using the keys or within the navigator, select option >>3911 WITH. Confirm with the OK key. Remark: If the function WITHOUT is selected the menu 3912 will not be included in the functions overview, when it is printed out. Set the re-direction contact. / REROUTING / CALL NUMBER Using the keys and within the navigator select the subscriber from the directory (if the directory is empty the display will show DIRECTORY EMPTY). Enter the number of the subscriber manually or store the name and related number in the directory. / COPY Using the keys and within the navigator select the COPY option (local printout of the information relayed to your system) either WITH or WITHOUT. 5-6 Operation Confirm with the OK key. Caution - E-mails can only be relayed to e-mail addresses. The configuration of landlines does not provide for relaying to fax machines. Tx forwarding This function is used to configure the machine so that any document transmitted (by fax or to an e-mail address) is also sent to a third party. The recipient will be selected from the entries in your machine's directory. / ACTIVATION Using the keys or with the OK key. Remark: within the navigator select WITH ou WITHOUT and confirm If you choose WITHOUT, the menu 3922 won't be displayed. M 3922 OK - FAX / FAX FORWARD. / CALL NUMBER Select the recipient you want from the directory and confirm by pressing OK. The function is active and from now on any documents transmitted will have a copy sent to the selected recipient. The transmission mode to the copied recipient depends on the type of short numbers in the directory: · If the short number is a telephone number or a mixed number (tel + e-mail or tel + FTP) the copy will be sent by fax to the recipient's telephone number. · If the short number is an e-mail address or an FTP number, the copy will be sent in IP mode to the recipient's e-mail or FTP address. Caution - The Tx forwarding function does not operate in charger mode or in PC Kit mode. TRANSMISSION OVER THE INTERNET Sending a black and white document to an E-Mail address Position the document (refer to paragraph Document depositing, page 5-1). Press the key and enter the recipient's E-mail address or choose your dialling mode (refer to paragraph Dialling, page 5-3). Adjust the contrast and the resolution if necessary (refer to paragraph Choosing the resolution/contrast, page 5-2). [. . . ] Operation or storage: 20% to 80% RH (without condensation) with a maximum difference of 20% per hour. Height: 297 mm Thickness: 0. 05 to 0. 15 mm Max capacity : sheet stack height 3 mm (ie a normal capacity of 50 pages (80 g/m2)) A4 size Legal size Plain paper (copier type (80 g/m2)) 250 pages max. (80 g/m2) Second paper tray : 500 pages (80 g/m2) In accordance with UIT-T recommendations for group 3 copiers. To all public switched telephone networks (or equivalent) Scanner : 300 dpi CIS optronics reading Laser printing process 600 x 600 dpi For group 3 : 33600/14400/12000/9600/7200/4800/ 2400 bps Operating humidity: Original document size: Document feeder: Reception size: (A4 size) and Legal: Reception paper: Paper tray capacity: Second paper tray (option): Transmission procedures: Possible phone line connections: Scanned image resolution: Reading system: Print type: Printer resolution: Communication rate: 6-26 Maintenance The effective transmission time for an A4 page ranges between a few seconds to approximately one minute (depending on line quality, modem bit rate, the amount of information on the original document and the resolution)(*). (*) Not taking into account the exchange initialisation procedure. Internet : general characteristics TCP/IP/PPP Protocols Protocols SMTP/POP3/MIME protocols for electronic mail File format: V90Modem ( up to 56 kbps/s) Image : TIFF-F for black/white documents and JPEG for color documents - PDF : monochrome et color - PCL® 6 Emulation (A) SG Script (PostScript® level 2 language emulation and PostScript® level 3 language emulation with configuration file)(B) Specifications may change for improvement without prior notice. A. [. . . ]


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