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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 251127964_Proposition2. qxd 6/03/02 10:00 Page 1 MY 3078 ENGLISH IN A FEW WORDS . . . 1 Redial last number Press twice. Switch on Press . Call Dial the number then press . Make a call from a number stored in the directory By name: enter the first letter of the name, press , scroll down the list to find your correspondent, then press to call. By location in the directory: enter the location number then press to call. Answer Open the flap or press . * Hang up Press or close the flap. Switch off Press (long press). Briefly, the functions 1 05/03/02, 16:44 MY_3078_EN-00. p65 MENUS With lateral keys: Enter using Navigate using or and 2 Validate using OK Quit or return to the previous menu using C Services Directory Games Accessories Text messages Security Controls Call services Ringing and beeps MY_3078_EN-00. p65 2 05/03/02, 16:44 Briefly, the menus You have just bought a mobile phone and we congratulate you on your choice. Your phone will allow you to use different international networks depending on the roaming agreements between the operators. We would like to remind you that this phone is approved to European standards. [. . . ] Forwarding data or faxes Depending on your subscription, this service permits you to transfer data or faxes that are addressed to you to another number. You can activate the data or faxes forwarding service, to enter the required number, cancel it and view the status of the service. 31 The forwarding number to the messaging centre depends on the subscription type. 7. 2 Viewing the list of the last numbers used You can consult the list of the last numbers used (outgoing and incoming if available). Shortcut From the standby screen, press on Several options are available for this number: store it in your directory, send it a short message, delete it. You can also delete the whole list of numbers. Warning Cancellations of forwarding can cause particular reactions in certain networks. For services specific to a network, such as mailboxes, short dialling is only valid when covered by the particular network. This memory is linked to the phone and not to the SIM card. . 7. 3 Monitoring the duration and cost of calls (*) On the Counters menu you can view the duration of the last call and all calls made since the last deletion. The Delete durations menu enables you to delete the duration of the last call and reset to zero the total calls counter. 7. Call related features MY_3078_EN-07. p65 31 04/03/02, 13:19 On the Costs (*) menu you can This data is purely view the cost of the last call and indicative and does not represent proof. for the network can The Delete costs (*) menu be appreciably enables you to clear the cost of different (indivisible the last call and to reset the call minutes, etc. ). The Display of duration menu enables you to select the duration display during a call. 32 Yes: you wish to use the anonymous mode and the person you are calling cannot know your number. Your number On outgoing calls you can check that your phone number is displayed on the phone of the person you are calling (CLIR). On incoming calls, you can check that the telephone number of a phone to which you are transferring calls will appear on the phone of a person calling you (COLR). Callers Number On outgoing calls, you can see the phone number to which your call is being transferred (COLP) if the person you are calling has authorised his or her identity to be displayed by deactivating the COLR option. On incoming calls, when it is activated, this function displays on your phone the phone number of the person calling (CLIP). This function is only possible if the caller has authorised his identity to be displayed by deactivating his CLIR option. 7. 4 Displaying the numbers This menu permits you to see the status of the display numbers function for: your identity (phone number) the identity of the person calling you. Anonymous mode You can decide whether the person you are calling is given your phone number or not. No: you do not wish to use the anonymous mode and the person you are calling will know your number. 7. Call related features MY_3078_EN-07. p65 32 04/03/02, 13:19 7. 5 Authorising double call Call waiting You can activate, deactivate and view the status of the call waiting service in order to check whether it is active or not. 33 7. 8 Local information distribution This menu allows you to activate and select reception of information Contact your operator for further distributed by the network. details) (Service depending on the operator) During a call, a special tone can inform you that another caller is trying to reach you. The callers number - and name, if stored - is displayed on the screen. During a call, when pressing the @ key, the key changes function and gives access to different possibilities of actions with this call. 7. 9 Replacing the international prefix (Depending on model) In the event that a call is not possible with the + prefix, you have the option of choosing a replacement prefix with no need to change the number(s) already recorded with the prefix + in the directory. 7. 6 Configuring automatic redial You can activate automatic redial either by default or on demand. 7. 7 Voice mail number To program a special permanent call number, type in this number and validate. This number is used when calling the voice mail centre with the programmable keys. 7. 10 Placing calls on hold (Service depending on the operator) During a call, you can put the current call on hold by pressing Ok. During a call, when pressing the @ key, the key changes function and enables you to access different options for the call. [. . . ] or Connect the phone to the charger (check that this is plugged in) for approximately 5 minutes. Replace the SIM card being sure to push it right up to the stop point. Calls to a messaging service or voice server do not get through Check in the Ringing and beeps/Tones menu that the box is ticked. Unable to turn the phone on Charge the phone for 15 minutes before turning it on. [. . . ]


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