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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] User Guide English You have just purchased a SAGEM phone, we congratulate you; it is recommended that you read this handbook carefully in order to use your phone efficiently and in the best conditions. Your phone can be used internationally in the various networks (GSM 900 MHz and DCS 1800 MHz or PCS 1900 MHz) depending on the roaming arrangements with your network provider. WARNING Depending on the model, network configuration and associated subscription cards, certain functions may not be available. Ensure that your SIM card is a 3 V SIM type that is compatible with your phone. [. . . ] Date update This menu allows you to choose manual or automatic updating of date and time (after switch off of your phone or when going abroad for instance) (service depending on the network). In the list that appears, select the desired display type between: - Analog, - Digital, - None, and validate. Time zone This menu allows you to change time in relation to the GMT time. Choose the time of the country desired by calculating the time from the GMT time. Settings 41 Daylight savings This menu allows you to set your phone to the summer/winter time. Select 1 h, 2 h Summer time or Winter time depending on the season, and validate. Shortcuts This menu allows you to allocate functions to the directional keys of the navigator, the OK key and for Speed Dialing function (see on page 20 for the latter function). Display Wallpaper This menu allows you to display the background picture you want on your phone. Note: you can select wallpapers through the phone default wallpapers, the pictures downloaded in My Files/Pictures and the pictures of your memory card. - A specific wallpaper: select My Files: · Press [Select] on the wallpaper name, the wallpaper is selected. Press [Select] to select it as your phone wallpaper or press and keys to display others. Operator logo This menu allows you to display your operator's logo on the idle screen. Select Activate or Deactivate and press [OK]. Screensaver This menu allows you to display an animation when the phone is in standby mode. Note: there are the phone default screensavers and also the pictures downloaded in My Files/Pictures. The chosen screensaver appears on the screen, select it. 42 Settings Energy saving Eco mode You can select one of the following eco modes: - Complete: the screen is off. Press OK, the red or green key to turn on the backlight and see the time. - Unlocked key. : the keypad is always active, meaning that when you press any key, it allows you to light up the screen and enter the menus. Backlight - Full backlight: both the screen and the keypad are lit up. Note: in any case, after a certain time of inactivity, the backlight will be automatically turned off to save battery life. Contacts - Contacts list: This menu allows you to select the default phonebook (SIM, Phone, SIM and Phone) displayed when the phone switches on. - Sorting: This menu allows you to select the way to sort contacts in the phonebook (by name or first name). Contrast This menu is used to adjust screen contrast. Adjust the contrast using the navigation stick. Messaging This menu allows you to set SMS or MMS sending options and to enter the voicemail number (see chapter page 28). Connectivity You can exchange with other devices (PC, mobile phones, personal assistants, printers, etc. ) various data: pictures, sounds, photos, videos, Todo tasks, organiser events, contacts, etc. Data exchange can be done through: - a serial or USB cable, - an infrared connection, If you have inserted a memory card in your phone, it is considered as an additional memory in the Windows explorer files directory; you can copy/paste. Settings 43 If you want to exchange objects between the phone memory and a PC, you must install the Wellphone software provided on CD: select Multimedia to open, from the PC, the phone files explorer. To save contacts, events or tasks, the Wellphone Multimedia software must be installed on a PC: configure the connection parameters of your computer using the Wellphone CD supplied as an accessory (also available from http://www. wellphone. com). Note: If a call comes in during an exchange of data with your PC, the link will be interrupted and will have to be manually re-started. Infrared This menu allows you to activate or deactivate the infrared connection. Serial Speed This menu enables you to select the speed to be used for data exchanges via your phone's serial port. Except for specific requirements, it is advisable to stick to the default setting: Automatic. Car kit Car kit - Headset These menus allow you to configure the options of the phone with a pedestrian kit or a car kit. Synchronize You can synchronize your phonebook, your organizer or your To Dos with your archives stored in Vodafone's network depending on the options offered by your subscription. [. . . ] This message means that the SIM card you are using does not fit with the phone. If the message SIM not present appears on the screen, you will need to check its compatibility next to the place where you bought it. If the icon is displayed without any network name displayed, only emergency services can be called. Check that the SIM Card you are using offers the service you are requesting; check if its validity has not expired. [. . . ]


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