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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] User Guide English You have just purchased a SAGEM phone, we congratulate you; it is recommended that you read this manual carefully in order to use your phone efficiently and in the best conditions. Your phone can be used internationally in the various networks (3G, GSM 900 MHz and DCS 1800 MHz) depending on the roaming agreements with your network provider. We remind you that this phone is approved to meet European standards. SAGEMTM is a trademark of Sagem Communication SAFRAN Group. AT® is a registered trademark of Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc. [. . . ] - Synchronization parameters: you can directly enter the ToDo's database settings. If there is a ToDo, press [Options] to display the options. Organiser & Tools 33 Clock Alarm - Stop watch - Timer This menu allows you to set and activate the alarm, the chronometer and the timer. The alarm icon appears on the idle screen. Calculator and converter This menu allows you to use your phone as a calculator. Use the following keys to make calculations: : Add : Subtract : Multiply : Divide The following keys are used for: : Equals, convert or add to memory : Delete #: Decimal point. Modem status This menu allows you to know the modem connection status. Services This item may not be present on your phone's menu, as its contents depends on your SIM. My applications This menu contains the applications you have downloaded. 34 Organiser & Tools Connectivity You can exchange with other devices (PC, mobile phones, personal assistants, printers, etc. ) various data: pictures, sounds, photos, videos, Todo tasks, organiser events, contacts, etc. Data exchange can be done through: - a USB cable, - a Bluetooth connection. If you have inserted a memory card in your phone, it is considered as an additional memory in the Windows explorer files directory; you can copy/paste. If you want to exchange objects between the phone memory and a PC, you must install the Wellphone software provided on CD: select Multimedia to open, from the PC, the phone files explorer. To save contacts, events or tasks, the Wellphone Multimedia software provided on the CD with your phone (also available from http:/www. wellphone. com) must be installed on a PC. Note: If a call comes in during an exchange of data with your PC, the link will be interrupted and will have to be manually re-started. Bluetooth Your phone can be used with a Bluetooth connection in order to communicate with other devices equipped with Bluetooth: for example, an audio connection with a pedestrian kit, a car kit or a data connection with a PC. Bluetooth is a free wireless connection, with a 10 metre maximum range. Mode This menu allows you to activate or deactivate Bluetooth connection. · On and hidden: your phone is not detected by the other devices but the phone detects the other devices. · On and visible for 3 minutes: your phone can be detected by another device. · On and visible: your phone can be detected by another device and remains detected as soon as the Bluetooth connection is activated. My devices This menu allows you to search for devices which may connect with Bluetooth link with your phone (for instance: headset). My Bluetooth name This menu allows you to assign a name to your phone for the Bluetooth connection. This name is displayed on the devices connected. Organiser & Tools 35 USB Mode When the phone is connected to a PC with a USB cable, this menu allows you to activate: - the memory card access, - the phone charging. Synchronize This menu allows you to configure all the synchronization parameters. Voice recorder This menu allows you to record your voice or a sound. Help This menu allows you to display help pages for the using of your phone. Note: displaying help pages is done with a free WAP connection. 36 Organiser & Tools Settings Profiles This menu allows you to set profiles containing selections of different ringtones, volume to adapt them to various circumstances (for instance, depending on where you are (at work, at home, etc. ) you will select such or such profile. Display settings This menu allows you to customize your screen by choosing a different presentation. Wallpaper This menu allows you to select a background picture for the idle screen. Note: you can select wallpapers through the phone default wallpapers, the pictures downloaded in My Files/Pictures and the pictures of your memory card. Backlight You can select the backlight intensity and the inactivity time after which the phone will automatically switch into economic mode (screen off). Startup/Shutdown animation These menus allow you to display an animation when the phone is switched on and off. Languages This menu allows you to choose your phone's display language. Memory card Autorun: allows you to launch a navigation of a predefined contents in the memory card. Memory: allows you to display the available memory space of the memory card. Settings 37 Video telephony This menu allows you to select the default parameters for the video calls. Browser settings This menu allows you to set various parameters needed for Vodafone live!You can add or modify URL addresses. Networks settings This menu allows you to configure network preferences. Search: to activate (automatically or manually) one of the networks accessible in the area in which your are located. [. . . ] If the message SIM not present appears on the screen, you will need to check its compatibility next to the place where you bought it. If not, please contact your after-sales service. Battery status unknown LOW BATTERY SIM not present Incorrect PIN code PIN BLOCKED SIM LOCKED 58 Troubleshooting PROBLEM - SITUATION No call connection ACTIONS Check that the number you have dialled is correct. If the icon is displayed without any network name displayed, only emergency services can be called. Check that the SIM Card you are using offers the service you are requesting; check if its validity has not expired. [. . . ]


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