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Manual abstract: user guide SAGEM MYC5-2

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] ENGLISH You have just purchased a SAGEM phone, we congratulate you; it is recommended that you read this handbook carefully in order to use your phone efficiently and in the best conditions. Your phone can be used internationally in the various networks (GSM 900 MHz and DCS 1800 MHz) depending on the roaming arrangements with your operator. WARNING Depending on the model, network configuration and associated subscription cards, certain functions may not be available. Ensure that your SIM card is a 3 V SIM type that is compatible with your phone. [. . . ] Click sound: This menu allows you to select the sound you will hear when taking a photo. Photo format: This menu allows you to choose the format in which your photo will be saved. There are several options: - either you systematically set the photo format to one of the following: High res. or Mobile format, - or you can choose the photo format on a case-by-case basis. 62 Settings Languages This menu allows you to choose your phone's display language. On the Settings menu, please select the Languages menu and [Select]. If you select Automatic, the language used will be the one relative to your SIM card. Calls Call forward The Calls menu allows you to manage all the calls functions (call forward, displaying numbers, call waiting, voicemail number, etc. ). Depending on your subscription, this service allows you to forward incoming calls to a different number or to the voice mailbox. Choose the type of forwarding you want from the options available. 63 Settings View last calls This menu allows you to access the list of last numbers used. On the Calls menu, please select the View last calls menu and [Select]. For every phone call are displayed on the screen: - its characteristics (shown with an icon), - the time (or date), - its duration. Select one of the options given: Call, Store in your phonebook, Send a message, Delete, Delete all. Fast access to the list of calls from the initial screen: press the key. Select one of the options given. Counters 64 Settings Display number This menu allows you to modify the status of the display number function. On the Calls menu, please select the Display number menu and [Select]. Select one of the options given: Anonymous mode, My number, Callers' number or On sub-LCD. Anonymous mode You have the facility to mask your number on the phone of the person you are calling. No: you choose not to activate anonymous mode and then to display your number. Yes: you choose to active anonymous mode and then not to display your number. Call waiting During a call, you may be informed that a caller is trying to reach you: you hear a special tone. The caller's identity is displayed on the screen (name or number). (Operator-dependent service) On the Calls menu, please select the Call waiting menu and [Select]. You can activate, deactivate, or consult the status of the call waiting service in order to check if it is active or not. During a call, if a second caller tries to contact you, the screen displays the call warning. 65 Settings Automatic redial This menu allows you to call back a caller you have not managed to reach. You can set the redial function to inactive, on request or systematic. [. . . ] Avoid placing your fingers on the top of the phone, where the aerial is integrated: the phone will have to use full strength to establish a quality transmission. To do so, please select the menu Messages, select Options, select Msg centre n° and check the number entered. Please contact your network provider to get this number. No call connection No receiving calls Quality reception when calling Impossible to send message 91 Troubleshooting PROBLEM - SITUATION No answer phonebox ACTIONS Check that the SIM card does offer this service. Program the call to be forwarded to answer phoneusing the information provided by the operator. [. . . ]


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