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Manual abstract: user guide SAGEM MYZ5

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] ENGLISH You have just purchased a SAGEM phone, we congratulate you; it is recommended that you read this handbook carefully in order to use your phone efficiently and in the best conditions. Your phone can be used internationally in the various networks (GSM 900 MHz and DCS 1800 MHz or PCS 1900 MHz, depending on model) depending on the roaming arrangements with your operator. WARNING Depending on the model, network configuration and associated subscription cards, certain functions may not be available. Ensure that your SIM card is a 3 V SIM type that is compatible with your phone. [. . . ] To store a contact in the phone memory, the following fields can be filled: last name, first name, numbers, email, URL, address, company, comments, ringtone, photo. To store a contact in the SIM card, only the last name and number fields must be filled. Please contact your network provider to get that information. Using the phonebook Display the Phonebook menu. By default, the cursor is positioned on the first name in alphabetical order. If you are using your phone and SIM card for the first time, the phonebook list may be empty, only the Add phone contact function will be available. If you are using your phone and SIM card for the first time, the phonebook list will be empty (see Storing a new contact, on page 44). Different icons inform you of the location where the contact is stored: contact stored in the SIM card contact stored in the phone if the Fixed dialling option is activated, only those contacts may be called. See PIN2 number and Fixed dialling in Security menu for more details about this activation. Phonebook 43 Storing a new contact In the list of options, first select the location where you want to store a new contact (Go to SIM list or Go to Phone list). Adding a contact in the SIM card memory From the contact list, select [Options]. Press [Save] to store it. Adding a contact in the phone memory Phonebook options Mailing lists A mailing list allows you to send a same message to several recipients at the same time. Select Add contact each time you want to add a contact in the list. Memory Select Memory and validate. The memory capacity is shared between the phonebook and various other features. If you lack memory, check if you can free some space from another feature. 44 Phonebook My numbers You can create the entries corresponding to your own numbers in order to consult them when necessary. Enter the different details and validate. Options from a contact saved Displaying a contact Select a contact from the list using the keys and press the OK key. Note: By directly pressing one character, the phone will display the first contact saved in the phonebook, starting with it. To display the different options, select a contact from the list using the keys and press [Options]. Modify contact Modify what you want and validate then select Save once the modifications completed. Copy to SIM/Copy to phone This allows you to copy your phonebook entries from one memory to the other. Only the name and the first phone number will be copied. Delete Validate deletion of entry. Send message To send a SMS or a MMS to a contact (see chapter Messages). Send By To send a contact details by SMS or MMS (see chapter Messages). Phonebook 45 Calling a contact Several ways: - Select a contact. - Select a contact, press the OK key, his number is displayed, press [Call] to start the call. - Direct call from the initial screen (only for the contacts stored in the SIM card memory): type the number with which the contact was saved then (example : 21 ) or the number then , the number is displayed, confirm. Sending a vCard It is possible to send a vCard from each contact stored in the phonebook. On a contact in the phonebook, please select the Send by option menu item (SMS or MMS). If the vCard is sent successfully, an information message is displayed. See Compose MMS on page 30. Receiving a vCard When a vCard is received enclosed to an SMS or MMS message, the message « You have received 1 message » is displayed. [. . . ] Check and deactivate the permanent call forwarding (permanent call forwarding icon displayed on the screen). If the problem persists, please contact your Technical Helpdesk. SIM LOCKED No call connection No receiving calls 76 Troubleshooting PROBLEM - SITUATION Quality reception when calling Impossible to send message ACTIONS Avoid placing your fingers on the top of the phone, where the aerial is integrated: the phone will have to use full strength to establish a quality transmission. To do so, please select the menu Messages, select Options, select MSG centre n° and check the number entered. Program the call to be forwarded to answer phone using the information provided by the operator. [. . . ]


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